Kleen Freak

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Kleen Freak Ultimate Car Scratch Remover: American Made Car Care {Review}

The Kleen Freak Ultimate Car Scratch Remover is a multi-step system that allows you to remove surface scratches from your car. If you have scuffs, swirl marks or paint scrapes on your car, the Kleen Freak Ultimate Scratch Remover can remove them. The Kleen Freak system is easy to use, comes with clear instructions and gives users a level of support that is unseen in other automotive care products. This is the second product we have had the chance to review and it impresses just as much as the waterless detail system. The scratch removal system shows the thought...

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Kleen Freak 10 Minute Detail: American Made Car Care {Review}

The Kleen Freak waterless detailing system is everything you could hope for in a product; it is simple to use, it works extremely well and it supports an American businessman that takes pride in the term Made in the USA. In the following video post, we show what it is like to use the Kleen Freak 10 minute waterless car wash and detail system. On the Kleen Freak's website is says that Kleen Freak is “The safest and fastest way to clean and protect your modern clear coat finish.” In other words, Kleen Freak is an advanced product that...

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Kleen Freak – 10 Minute Waterless Car Wash and Detail System

Kleen Freak is a made in the USA system designed to keep your car looking fantastic and protected from the elements. The better news; Kleen Freak’s detail system takes less than ten minutes and doesn’t involve touching a hose. Keep Your Car Clean The Bureau of Labor and Statistics lists transportation as the second largest area of household spending in the United States. For a large percentage of people, that transportation expense consists of the cost to obtain and maintain their cars. So why not take the time to keep your personal vehicle spotless week after week? We found...

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