Susan Ciminelli

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Seven Ways to Cleanse and Detox for a New You

Each season, it's nice to cleanse and detox so you can feel like the best version of yourself. Our skin is our body's largest organ and treating it well, with non-toxic products and detoxifying rituals, is a great way to start afresh. There's no better way to cleanse your skin than with a deep cleansing facial. I use a lot of non-toxic beauty products I love, including Susan Ciminelli's products, so I was so happy to learn that Susan has a beauty clinic in New York City that offers specialized facial and body treatments. Susan has been focused on...

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Anti Aging Skin Care You Can Count On: A Made in USA Source List

Today I'm going to share with you the very best American made anti aging skin care products that I recommend to my clients.  I have taken the most frequently asked anti aging skin care questions and cultivated a list of go to solutions you can count on.  In a sea of product labels and company claims it's hard to choose.  You can rest easy with these selections knowing they were identified for their high quality ingredients by a professional esthetician.  Feel good about the quality of your beauty products and health of your skin when choosing those that are made in...

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Made in USA Beauty Products: The Ultimate Source List

Our source guide for Made in USA beauty products includes ONLY brands that are exclusively American Made.  In order to provide a go-to, comprehensive list of sources for made in USA makeup, skin care, nails, sunscreen, and more, the criteria needed to be simple.  Every bath, beauty and cosmetic product these companies make is done right here. Often our source guides list specific Made in USA products from companies that might also have some other items made overseas, and we try to keep you informed about that.  We promote those American made products in support of the local economy and their efforts...

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How to Give Yourself a DIY Facial Using American Made Skin Care

The right skin care routine is as important as having the right product.  We have both.  Here are the complete steps to a DIY facial and made in the USA products that can be trusted with your beautiful face to get glowing skin.  These steps were developed from the professional facials I give in the salon where I currently see clients. DIY FACIAL ROUTINE CLEANSE -Wash away makeup, dirt and toxins with facial cleanser.  Take about a minute to massage in the facial wash.  Rinse with warm water and soft cloth, pat dry.  Use Queen Bee Honey Lavender Cleanser.  Selected...

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Glowing Summer Skin with help from an American Made Celebrity Skincare Line

The key to glowing skin this summer is a healthy complexion.  Summer time requires that we use a little less makeup to avoid melting and ending up looking a mess.  In addition to that, skin with any signs of aging like fine lines or wrinkles tends to allow highlighter to settle which will accentuate problem areas.  The solution is simply found in your facial routine. SUMMER SKIN CARE TIPS FOR GLOWING SKIN Exfoliate Once A Week Exfoliation sloughs off dead skin cells and gives a boost to cellular turnover, revealing your most youthful skin. Doing this allows product to...

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