The key to glowing skin this summer is a healthy complexion.  Summer time requires that we use a little less makeup to avoid melting and ending up looking a mess.  In addition to that, skin with any signs of aging like fine lines or wrinkles tends to allow highlighter to settle which will accentuate problem areas.  The solution is simply found in your facial routine.


1. Exfoliate Once A Week

Exfoliation sloughs off dead skin cells and gives a boost to cellular turnover, revealing your most youthful skin. Doing this allows product to penetrate and work optimally.  Without exfoliating dull skin builds ups, makeup is less blend-able and cakey. Exfoliating should be done after cleansing with your normal cleanser.

2. Use A Serum Daily

Treating your skin with a product to restore the skin's balance is essential to a healthy glow.  I recommend using a serum close to nature.  The Sensitive Skin Formula from Susan Ciminelli‘s line becomes one with your skin.  The unique blend calms redness with its anti-inflammatory properties.  This product also acts as a barrier of protection against damaging free radicals while soothing and moisturizing. Don't miss my tips on how to apply serum under foundation.

If brightening the skin or uneven pigment is a concern for your skin, the Very Berry Antioxidant Serum is excellent for this step. It's high powered fruit formula works as a natural version of a glycolic peel that can be used daily.  One pump of this all but eliminates the need for foundation.  It leaves a light golden glow on the skin creating even tone with luminosity.
Have Glowing Skin With These Four Tips3. Protect From The Sun's Rays

Finish with a lightweight moisturizer if needed.  In the warmer weather I find that no additional moisture is required beyond the serums.  They leave my skin in perfect harmony.  Do make sure to apply a sunscreen if you will be out during peak sunshine hours.  Sun damage causes dehydration, damages elasticity and accelerates wrinkles. We have an extensive list of American made sunscreen for any skin type.

4. Glowing skin makeup tips

  • Stipple on a lightweight liquid foundation.
  • Add a lightweight concealer for under eyes.
  • Use matte bronzer for any contour (tips to contour).
  • Sweep blush on for a wash of color.

Looking for American made makeup options?  Check our section in our Made in USA Beauty Products Source Guide.

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