It is not every day that we find a company with three completely new, innovative products we've never seen before, all made in the USA.  USA Love List is thrilled to tell you about Indigo Root, a Seattle-based home accessories business launched in the last year by friends and co-founders, Terri Augustyn and Jennifer Gourdie.  Three unexpected product lines formed the foundation of the Indigo Root style, all based on interchangeable, re-useable cling products:

WineWrapps: An updated spin on the wine charm trend, WineWrapps cling to the base of a wine glass in colorful animal prints to identify your glass without the clinking and fussing of charms.  In colorful animal prints, the Wrapps can be peeled off and re-used time and again.

DrinkDotz: Simple cling Dotz provide a colorful identifier for any glass – not just wine. In coordinating prints and colors, they add color and zip to plain glass wear.

CandleClothes: Beautiful and clever designs wrap around flameless candles (or other decorative items such as glass hurricanes, drinking glasses, or votives) to provide interchangeable and reusable designs to match your decor or holiday celebrations.  It is a quick and easy way to add a little oomph, style and fun to everyday living.

Indigo Root accessories are manufactured not far from Seattle in Monroe, WA. “All of our products are made here,” said Augustyn. “We had a strong desire to bring jobs and prosperity back to our country. It has come with great difficulty though. In just a year, we are already on our third manufacturer. It is a struggle for us as a small business, but from the beginning it was something that was important to us.”

Support Indigo Root's efforts to stay American-made by visiting their Facebook page or following them on Twitter. Order their products directly on their website at