Minnesota: also known as the land of 10,000 lakes (though in actuality, the state has 11,842), potlucks, temperatures that would make a polar bear shiver, and the state where being “Minnesota Nice” is never out of style. Minnesota is also filled with incredible craftsmen dedicated to locally sourcing their products, and a hearty amount of business returning to artisanal and handmade goods as the highest standard of quality. Check out our list of companies we love that are making products in the great state of Minnesota.

Things We Love, Made in Minnesota

Sweet Jules Caramels

If you haven't heard about Sweet Jules Caramels, you're absolutely missing out! This Minnesota-based company, run by two sisters, was born from a long line of chefs and foodies, and it only takes indulging in their caramels to know that they have good taste and talent. Sweet Jules offers flavors that you'd expect from a caramel company, like Salted Caramel and Vanilla Bean, but they also have more unique offerings like Beer & Pretzel and Bananas Foster. With variety like this, there's really no palate that won't be pleased by these sweet treats. Our personal favorite was Dark Chocolate & Salted Pecan, which has a buttery caramel base, dark chocolate top, and chunks of salted pecans sandwiched between the two layers. We loved these caramels for their homemade taste. We also appreciated their polished packaging, which includes a fun color-coated flavor chart so you drown in the caramel possibilities, making it perfect for gift giving and sharing with others! If our descriptions aren't swaying you, take a look at the drool-worthy photos, which will definitely leave you wanting to satiate your next sweet tooth hankering with a box of Sweet Jules Caramels.

Sweet Jules American Made Caramels - Made in Minnesota

Scotch Tape and Post-it Notes

Can you imagine a world without Scotch tape? We really can't, actually, so it's lucky that Scotch Magic Tape is exclusively made in Hutchinson, Minnesota by Minnesota company 3M. 3M is the same company that makes Post-it notes. Essentially, Minnesota has been making life easier for America since 1902!

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Mary Lauer owns Oh Baby!, a magical children's store located in Edina, Minnesota. She designs and produces a line of whimsical children's clothing and home goods, all handmade in Minnesota.  Oh Baby! is proud to be Minnesota-made.

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Stuff We Love, Made in Minnesota