Tracey Hanson

Hello there and WELCOME!  Here is a little about me :)

I live in the woods of Connecticut with my hubby, son (7) and daughter (5).  I have always been conscious of my impact on the environment, even more so after the birth of my kiddos- realizing everything I do affects their future.  I recycle and re-use anything I can. Both my kiddos were cloth diapered, and I can’t even remember the last time I bought paper towels or napkins.  I cook from scratch most of the time and I make sure our food products are as local as possible. I have to take action if something bothers me, which is why I am involved in town politics and hold positions on boards and commissions. I am involved in the organizing and running of my town’s farmers’ market (yay for local food and the farmers that grow it!). I am a Grange member, an election moderator,  a Justice of the Peace and a substitute teacher. Oh, and I like to write and do research. :)

Why is buying ‘Made in the USA’ important to me?

There are several reasons:

I grew up in Rhode Island which is a big manufacturing state.   Sadly, a lot of those manufacturing companies have been leaving the state and country in the past years. I have several relatives who have lost their jobs because the company they worked for moved over seas and closed their workplace.  I believe it is important to keep jobs here in the US.

The thought that companies move over seas to find cheaper labor drives me NUTS. Really? They would rather pay people as little as possible for making their products rather than value the hard work of their employees and pay them what their worth? The people in the US that lost their jobs when that company moved overseas, built that company and then were sent overseas to train the lesser paid employees!!! No joke.

I don’t trust the ingredients in products made out of the US. When my youngest was a baby toys made in China were being recalled all the time for lead contamination. This is when the hubby and I made sure that anything that touched our kiddos mouths (toys, sippy cups) and was put on their bodies (lotions, soaps, creams) was American made.

I believe that it is important to purchase things grown/produced/manufactured as close to you as possible if it the option. For food, the quality is better (fresher,less time in travel), and for other products less time in travel= lower foot print. Another thing that drives me NUTS? Seeing “product of Mexico” stickers on fruits and vegetables that are in season here.

My kiddos LOVE looking for ‘made in the USA’ on labels and get sooo excited when they find it (and this sure makes running errands with them more tolerable-hehe)

Thanks for reading my posts!

“If every parent raises their child to love and respect themselves, others and our Earth, then I believe the future could be a better place.”

Tracey Hanson

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