Mattress toppers made in USA are easier to find than I thought. I was recently on the hunt for one to add a few more years of life to my mattress. I have to say, though there is a large selection of American made mattress toppers, I am surprised in the number of styles there are too choose from!

Deciding on which style to get really depends on what you are expecting to gain with your new mattress topper. Are you looking for more support than your current mattress has to offer, or maybe you want softer padding. Do you need help with regulating your body temperature while you sleep?

I found that mattress pads come in multiple types- latex, memory foam, cotton/polyester blends, and wool (alpaca or sheep). All of these types satisfy different sleep needs, and all are included in this list of mattress toppers made in USA.

Mattress Toppers Made in USA

This list is in alphabetical order by brand. Did we miss your favorite American made mattress topper brand? Let us know in the comments below.

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