Six Products You Need Right Now to Enjoy the Benefits of American Honey

American Honey  National Honey Month  Made in USA

September is recognized as National Honey Month since this month marks the end of the typical honey harvesting season across the United States. The goal of National Honey Month is to promote the importance and benefits of American honey.

According to the National Honey Board,  there are more than 300 different varieties of honey in the United States, with honey production in all 50 states. In 2013 the American honey crop was valued at over $300 million dollars. Honey is gaining popularity because of its benefits as a natural sweetener, as a natural humectant (which means it retains moisture), and for it’s natural medicinal properties.

Enjoy the Benefits of Honey with These Six American Made Honey Products


Red Bee Pumpkin Blossom Honey |Made in USA | National Honey Month | American Honey
The color and flavor of genuine honey is unique to the region it is harvested from. Like a fine wine, a honey’s flavor is dependent on the weather, soil, and other growing conditions of the flowers from which the honey bee collects it’s nectar. Red Bee offers a vast selection of pure honeys that are full of the unique flavors of their place of harvest- Blueberry Blossom Honey, from Maine; Red Currant Honey from New York; Orange Blossom Honey, from Florida, and more!


Nektar Honey Crystals | National Honey Month | American Honey
With American made Nektar Honey Crystals, you can enjoy the flavor and benefits of American honey without the sticky mess! If you like honey in your tea as a natural sweetener instead of sugar, like I do, these packets are mighty handy! They are a heck of a lot easier to stash in the desk at work, and in my bag than a jar of honey!


FarmHouse Fresh Whipped Honey Body Scrub | National Honey Month | American Honey | Vegan + gluten free skin care product
FarmHouse Fresh Whipped Honey Fine Grain Salt Scrub is a natural way to soften your skin- and it smells soooo good you’ll want to eat it! This FarmHouse Fresh scrub is vegan and gluten free.


Zarbee's Naturals honey base cough syrup | National Honey Month | American Honey
Zarbee’s Natural honey based children’s cough syrup is what I give my kiddos when they have a cough and/or sore throat. They love the honey sweetness and I love knowing that I am giving them a natural, dye free remedy. According to the Mayo Clinic,  honey has been shown to be an effective natural cough suppressant.


Savannah Bee bath & body products |American Honey |National Honey Month
The moisturizing and healing properties of honey make it a perfect ingredient for hair care products! Savannah  Bee’s Honey & Royal Jelly Shampoo, and Honey & Propolis Conditioner smell great and leave your hair soft and strong.


Queen Bee Gardens Honey Caramels | National Honey Month |American Honey
Queen Bee Gardenhas been making gourmet honey candies in Wyoming for over 30 years. Whether you like chocolates, hard candy, or honey sticks, Queen Bee Gardens has something honey for your sweet tooth!

Bee a part of the solution and help our nations honey bees survive! Learn more about how here.

BEE a part of the Solution!

To learn more about American honey and it’s benefits, and what’s being done to save American honey bees, check out the following links:

National Honey Board
10 Health Benefits of Honey
USDA Bee Research

National Honey Month American Honey

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  1. Love. I get my locally-produced honey at my farmers’ market. But I love all things honey too.
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  2. There’s NOTHING better than local honey.

  3. Savannah Bee’s Honey & Royal Jelly Shampoo, and Honey & Propolis Conditioner look really interesting!
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  4. I love local honey. I haven’t been able to drive out into the country this time. Our stores don’t carry honey in the comb any more, these look sooo good!

  5. I love honey! I’d like to try all of these products!!!

  6. This is a great resource for those of us who look for local honey to combat allergies.
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  7. Oh, I love honey! I could switch to honey being my only sugar source. It is so yummy, and has such great benefits. I have heard that some huge percentage (like 80%) of the honey sold in US stores is made in China and is not honey. It is some form of HFCS. Yuck. Only USA made for me!!!

  8. The Honey Crystals are so smart!
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  9. ellen beck says:

    I love honey and being a gardener, I love seeing the bees and encourage them to visit by planting flowers they anjoy as well as having a bit of water in the garden for them. I used to buy honey up in Minnesota, they had such a great variety.

  10. Honey is one of my favorite things. I’d love to try some of these products, I love local honey. I’ve been able to get some at whole foods, but am always seeking to try something new!

  11. I love the local honey here! These are some great products 🙂 I would love to try that shampoo and conditioner.
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  12. I will keep these items in mind when next buy honey, which is not often.

  13. I love using honey especially in the fall with baking. I’d like to try some of these brands. Good to know honey made in the great USA!!! I want to support them!!

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