Olympic Special Editions are out. Which ones are Made in USA?

The Olympics mean many things for many people. Certainly it is more than sporting events.  The pop culture goes crazy each Olympic year with special edition products from cereals to tee shirts.  The beauty industry gets in on the glory too and at least some of the products are cosmetics made in the USA.

Cover Girl has signed and is featuring USA Olympic hopefuls Jennifer Kessey and Marlen Esparza as the newest faces for the brand.  They have also released special edition packaging in support of the 2012 Olympics.  Lash Blast Mascara and Outlast Lip Color both feature the special edition packages in support of the US Olympic team but only one is made in the USA.

I spoke with a Cover Girl representative to find out the scoop.  Lash Blast is made in Hunt Valley, Maryland while the Lip Color is made in an Ireland plant.  Proctor and Gamble is a global company with around 300 brands and products.  I have yet to find a distributor of this size that does everything in the US.  The Proctor and Gamble representative also sent me a statement saying they were proud to be a global company and that includes having many products manufactured in the US.  Their advice for consumers who select to buy American made products is to check the label.  The companies are typically very helpful and have the information at the touch of a few key strokes on their customer service telephone lines as well.  When I am doing research or working with a company they can easily pull up what facility a specific product was made in.  When you are out and about amongst the wide variety of products to choose from, selecting the made in USA item is made simple in the cosmetic world because the country of origin is typically marked on the package and there is actually a good selection of beauty products made in the USA.

I, for one, love seeing all the Olympic support out in the market place.  It builds excitement around the events, shows support for our athletics, and demonstrates pride in our country's team.  For more information on these products or the Olympic hopefuls, visit CoverGirl.comShare your favorite Olympic Special Edition packages of all kinds with us on facebook or twitter. Let's see how many are made in the USA.

Angie Barnes
Beauty Editor, USA Love List
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