The building blocks for makeup should be healthy skin.  All the teen and tween beauty tips I am sharing are centered around this.  Having good skin care habits and building a natural makeup bag is a great way to get started and keep chemicals off their ever changing faces.

Light makeup is the way to go when tweens and teens start experimenting with cosmetics.  Youthful faces should be just that.  Steer clear of dark colors, applying too much of anything, and buy products carefully. 

Skin Care and Makeup Tips for Teens

Basic Skin Care Habits For Teens

  1. Wash your face before bed. Check out our list of best natural face washes to find one for your skin type.
  2. Apply a basic moisturizer made especially for the face.
  3. Wear a sunscreen daily in the a.m. Check out our list of the best sunscreen for the face.

How & What Makeup To Apply As A Teen {The Basics}

Makeup Product & Tool Tips

  • Wash your makeup brushes weekly.  Learn how to clean your brushes and about makeup expiration dates in my post about beauty product care.
  • At least once a month clean out your makeup up bag too, these things can harbor tons of bacteria if you don't.
  • Keep your makeup products organized. See my post about makeup organizing ideas.
Tween beauty tips - natural makeup & skin care to get started.

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