Authenticity 50 manufactures luxury bedding 100% in the USA. When husband and wife team Jimmy and Stephanie MacDonald could not find any high quality luxury bedding items that were American made, they took action. They searched the USA for textile manufacturing facilities and started their own line of luxury sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers. Since 2015, Authenticity 50 has been providing luxury bedding to consumers factory direct.

Authenticity 50: Made in USA From Seed to Stitch

Authenticity 50 luxury bedding products are made 100% in the USA with the collaboration of manufacturing facilities located across the country.

  • The yarn made from California grown Supima cotton is spun at a high tech facility in Georgia that employs 140 people.
  • This yarn is woven into sheeting at a state of the art manufacturing facility in the Carolinas that employs over 300 people.
  • The sheeting fabric is sent to a nearby facility for coloring and pre-shrinking.
  • The luxury bedding items are then cut and sewn by hand at a third generation owned factory with 50 employees.

These facilities have a combined 200 years experience in the textiles industry. Purchasing Authenticity 50 luxury bedding keeps all of these manufacturing partners in business, and keeps textile jobs here in the US.

American Manufacturing Authenticity 50

Authenticity 50 Luxury Bedding

Authenticity 50 bedding is made from American grown Supima cotton. Supima cotton has longer fibers than regular cotton, making it softer and stronger.

American Manufacturing: Authenticity 50 bedding made with American grown Supima cotton

The stronger cotton thread results in cotton bedding that is durable and long lasting. Sheets made from Supima cotton are more resistant to pilling, shrinking, and puckering at the stitching, giving them a longer life span than sheets made from traditional cotton. The high quality of Supima cotton and the fact that it is only 3% of the cotton grown in the USA, makes Supima cotton two times more expensive than traditional cotton.

Authenticity50 Luxury Sheets

Authenticity 50 chose to make all of their bedding with percale woven material, as opposed to sateen.  Percale woven sheets are extremely durable, breathable, and get softer with age. They do not contain anti-wrinkling chemicals like formaldehyde.   Authenticity 50 luxury bedding is now available in three colors; Signature White, Carolina Gray, and Pacific Blue. More colors are being released soon! American made luxury bedding by Authenticity 50 makes a great wedding or bridal shower gift, or treat yourself  to luxury sheets- you deserve them.

Authenticity 50 Pacific Blue

American Manufacturing Authenticity 50 luxury bedding

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