I have been gathering a source list of some of my favorite anti aging tips and beauty routines for the past month. My hope is to give women the same kind of experience I give to my clients in the salon. I like women to leave my chair feeling better and more confident about their skin care and makeup routines.

What I don't do is suggest a bunch of unrealistic things for everyday life. I try and create looks for women that work every day, unless of course we are talking event makeup. Everyday looks need to enhance your features, preserve your beauty and be something you are comfortable with. For clients that are experiencing a changing face due to age, I work to restore radiance and use makeup as tool to soften some of the visible signs of aging.


This month I will have some tips on looking bright and raising those jowls along with much more.  Stay tuned and catch up with all the posts in the series:

American Beauty:  Anti Aging Series

I mentioned above that I would cover some makeup application techniques to “lift” jowls and brighten up our complexions.  On the skin care spectrum, I will have ways to lessen visible capillaries, and lighten dark spots.

If you have any questions or would like any new tips please ask so we can cover it and share it with others who may have the very same question.