Summer skin care products help us put more focus on the body as more skin shows.  Skin also gets too much sun which can be drying and dulling.  The goal is to keep healthy skin that is glowing and supple.

Summer Skin Care Products for the Body, Made in the USA

What kinds of summer skin care products should you be looking for?

I recommend exfoliating weekly and moisturizing daily to maintain healthy summer skin.  Use restore and recover products nightly to rejuvenate.

Get Gorgeous Skin Now

OSEA Salts of the Earth Body Scrub is like a facial for your body.  It exfoliates without being rough and infuses moisture simultaneously.  I recommend using it dry before turning the shower on as a once a week body treatment.Summer skin care tips | Salts of the earth body scrub by OSEA

Pacifica Coconut Crushed Pearl Luminizing Body Butter is hydrating and good for the skin with all the fun stuff too.  Their body butter is naturally scented and smells of summer.  The luminous look is great with tanks and dresses.  It is not a sparkle fest but a healthy glow.A must have for summer skin! Pacifica Beauty - Coconut Pearl Luminizing Body Butter - smells and feels fantastic for summer.

Revitalize Your Skin Routinely

Osea Anti Aging Body Balm brings life back into dry skin.  One application after too much sun and my the dehydration lines were smoothed and my skin's resiliency restored.  Anyone over 30 should use this.  It keeps cellular turnover active and leaves skin bright and taut.

Complete skin revitalization, especially for glowing legs. OSEA Body Balm.

In addition to being good for skin's healthy maintenance GIA Minerals Organic Rosehip Oil is a great product to combat trouble spots.  It will restore balance to the skin if it is lacking moisture or heal dry spots.  It is great at keeping dark spots away too.  Try it as an overnight repair treatment. Don't miss our list of made in USA non-toxic facial oils you can trust. Summer Skin Care Products: Gia Minearals #usalovelistedWaxelene petroleum jelly alternative that is 100% safe and effective.  This is what you need for sandal season.  It does it all from soothing sore feet to healing cracked heels.  I use it to soften cuticles, before I wear less than comfortable shoes as a protectant and always before bed as a moisturizer for my feet. Waxelene is featured in our list of Six Petroleum Free Baby Products, all made in the USA.


Summer skin care products: Waxelene #usalovelisted #summer #skincare


In addition, you should always apply a sunscreen to keep your skin in good health. We have several articles that offer sunscreen tips, made in USA organic sunscreen products, non-toxic sunscreens we love, and even a Made in USA Sunscreen Ultimate Source List.

Save this list of sunscreen brands with ingredients you can trust because they are made in the USA via


Summer skin care products: Made in the USA