A beautiful complexion requires effort on three fronts: proper skin care, excellent nutrition, and quality “beauty sleep“.  I have some new beauty rest products designed to help you get a handle on one of these critical elements. You'll sleep well knowing they are American made too. Now is the time to build a bedtime routine with beauty in mind.

Beauty Sleep: American Made Products For a Peaceful Bedtime

Morning Glamour Satin Pillow Cases

First up is the tried and true (your grandma told you so) satin pillow cases.  Of course Morning Glamour is not dishing out your grandma's pillow case.  The fabric is 100% polyester satin charmeuse.  Not only does this eliminate frizz causing friction on hair but it assures a gentle place to rest the most delicate skin on our bodies, the face.  The cases are beautifully designed with a great pocket closure and vibrant patterns and solids to select from.

I haven't returned to my old pillowcases since slipping this set on my bed.  This is not a claim listed by Morning Glamour, but I noted my facial redness was lessened in the morning too.  Our regular readers know I am easily hooked on a product that can reduce redness.  It is a nagging problem for many and we will take all the beauty sleep help we can get.

Beauty Sleep essential: Morning Glamour silk pillowcase | Made in USA

More American Made Products For A Peaceful Bedtime

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Beauty Sleep | American made products for a peaceful bedtime

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