Walk into almost any store in the weeks before the Fourth of July and you are sure to run smack into a display of patriotic products.  How many of those patriotic items are actually made in the USA? Not many, if any at all.  Well, we have found patriotic items that are actually made in the USA. These are must have's for your patriotic plans and Fourth of July festivities – or for every day!

Patriotic Items Made in USA

Made in USA Patriotic Lawn Decor

Crab Pot Trees aren't just for Christmas decorating. We have been a huge fan of Crab Pot Trees here at USA love list for years and we love that they offer a 4′ Patriotic LED Crab Pot Tree for summer holiday decorating too.

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Crab Pot Trees are trees made from….crab pots! A string of lights woven through American made crab pot mesh creates the beauty and the simplicity of the Crab Pot Tree.

Patriotic items made in USA: Crab Pot Trees Patriotic LED lawn decorations 30% off Crab Pot Trees and free shipping with discount code USALOVE. No expiration date. #crabpottrees #usalovelisted #patriotic #fourthofjuly #redwhiteblue
Crab Pot Trees made in North Carolina

Learn more about Crab Pot Trees in our Made in USA Crab Pot Trees Brand Spotlight.

Handcrafted on the shores of North Carolina, Crab Pot Trees were originally created as a frugal way to use up leftover crab pot mesh, and as a unique way to keep the makers of crab pots employed during the winter offseason. These easy to display lighted trees quickly caught on with the locals, who fell in love with the nautical themed holiday decorations. Please note: The LED lights are NOT made in the USA. Currently, there are no LED lighting strands made in America.

Made in USA Patriotic Nails

We love the patriotic American Manicure nail polish set from Makeup America! No need to hunt for the perfect Made in USA nail polish shades of red, white, and blue. Makeup America! has these colors, plus a sparkly gold, already put together in one set. Makeup America! products are American made, cruelty-free fragrance-free, paraben-free, and non-GMO.

MakeUP America patriotic manicure set

Made in USA Patriotic Footwear

Look no further for patriotic socks that are made in the USA!

Boldfoot Socks men's fashion socks are sewn in the USA using American grown cotton. The Boldfoot  Patriotic Sock Bundle comes with 3 pairs of red, white, and blue patterned socks. Boldfoot donates 5% of their profits to U.S. military & veterans in need.

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Bold Foot patriotic sock bundle

Freaker USA socks are…unique…socks.  They make buying socks easy and fun with these one-size fits most, unisex American made socks. They offer several patriotic sock options. All Freaker USA socks are made in Troy, North Carolina, and the company headquarters are in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Patriotic Items made in USA: Freaker USA patriotic socks #usalovelisted #socks #fourthofJuly #patriotic
Freaker patriotic socks

Okabashi makes flip-flops and sandals in Georgia. Choose from a variety of colors, including good ole' red, white, and blue! Purchase on the Okabashi website or on Amazon.

Okabashi made in USA
Okabashi patriotic sandals

Patriotic Party Supplies

No party or BBQ is complete without made in the USA patriotic party supplies! Big Dot of Happiness manufactures most of their paper products in a Wisconsin facility. They offer patriotic photo booth props, patriotic treat boxes, patriotic stickers, patriotic banners, and more- all made in the USA. 

Patriotic items made in USA: Big Dot of Happiness patriotic part supplies #usalovelisted #party #fourthofjuly #patriotic
Big Dot of Happiness patriotic party supplies

Made in USA Patriotic Bunting

Decorate the outside (or inside!) of your home this year with patriotic bunting made in the USA.  There is a long tradition in America of residential porches and fences being decorated with patriotic bunting for the Fourth of July holiday. Originally, this bunting was made of wool. Today's bunting is mostly made of cotton and/or polyester. 

For more patriotic bunting and American flag options, visit our post Made in USA American Flags & Flag Accessories.

Patriotic bunting

Patriotic Fiesta Dinnerware

In 2019 Fiesta released the Americana Stars red, white, and blue star design dinnerware pieces. This patriotic series includes the following pieces; Luncheon Plate, Bread Tray, and Tapered Mug.

Fiesta patriotic American Stars dishware

Have you found a patriotic item that is made in the USA? Share in the comments below and we can add it to our list.

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Have you found a patriotic item that is made in the USA? Share in the comments below and we can add it to our list.

Cover image: Fiesta Dinnerware