We all love chocolate. What if I told you that it is good for you too, inside and out?  I am here to tell you that the “chocolate gives me acne” warning is a myth, my friends! Although what you do and eat does play a factor in your skin's condition, eating chocolate is not a cause of acne. No foods have been proven to cause acne. The cause of acne is one (or a combination) of the following factors: overactive oil glands, heredity, hormones, and clogged pores.

5 Health Benefits of Chocolate

  1. It is an antioxidant.
  2. Increases cell renewal, revealing healthy and younger skin cells faster.
  3. Nourishes and softens skin.
  4. Can decrease circulation to the skin's surface, helping to calm redness.
  5. Smoothes fine lines.

Sweet Skincare, Made in the USA

Chocolatier's Gift Body Scrub by thesis is made with 100% organic certified ingredients- which just happen to be food grade as well! This body scrub is infused with raw cacao, AKA cocoa, leaves skin smooth and glowing.
Health Benefits of Chocolate: Thesis Body Scub

Sundae Best Chocolate Softening Face Mask by FarmHouse Fresh softens skin, fights wrinkles and revitalizes skin. Sundae Best is vegan and 98% natural. Health benefits of chocolate: Chocolate face mask by Farmhouse Fresh #vegan #usalovelisted #skincare

Although the Repechage packaging isn't screaming chocolatey goodness, the contents are. The combination of potent peptides with the antioxidant benefits of cocoa and other active ingredients truly targets fine lines and wrinkles to smooth them out and firm the skin.Health benefits of chocolate: Repecharge skincare #madeinusa #USAlovelisted #skincare

Burt's Bees Revitalizing Lip Balm contains the antioxidant benefits of blueberry seed oil and cocoa powder. Another ingredient, cocoa seed butter, softens and smooths lips.
Burt's Bees Revitalizing lip balm | Health benefits of chocolate #usalovelisted


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