We’ve listed our favorite hand-dipped chocolates by state. Read about the chocolates we love made in the USA, then visit a storefront or order online!

What's better than chocolate from your home state?

I love turtles.

Not the kind that swim in the water, although they’re pretty amazing, too.

I’m talking pecans, caramel, and milk chocolate. Made from scratch caramel poured over the nuts, and fresh, creamy melted chocolate poured over the top.

Turtles are my favorite, but the truth is, I'll eat about any kind of chocolate. If I’m in a bind, I might grab a grocery store brand, but more frequently, I treat myself to a chocolate turtle or some chocolate-covered peanuts. I’m fortunate enough to live in a town where there are not one, but TWO chocolate shops that hand-dip their cocoa confections.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite chocolate stores by state. The list will grow as we learn about more chocolate stores.

The only criteria for the list are:

  • The chocolates have to be hand-dipped at a local business. We want to support our small businesses.
  • The chocolate candies have to be made on American soil, but the cacao beans do not. Only one USA state, Hawaii, has the climate to grow cacao; the rest of the cacao beans are grown in other parts of the world.

And oh, do we have our opinions! Among the USALove List editors, we savor traditional hand-dipped chocolates, sugar-free chocolates, gourmet chocolates with artisan blends, gold-dusted chocolates, milk and dark chocolates—ALL the chocolates!

The list is ongoing as we discover more favorite places. If your favorite chocolate store isn’t listed, be sure to leave a comment with a link!

About Our List

Our list includes both simple chocolates and artisan chocolates, traditional chocolates and avant garde chocolates. Some are inexpensive, while others are pricey works of art. We like the diversity of the presentations. We hope you'll consider buying a little of both kinds.

Reasons For Chocolate

We really don’t need a reason for enjoying chocolate. Still, a hundred reasons exist for saying yes to it. A few reasons include:

Chocolate, in moderation, is good for you! Dark chocolate especially contains antioxidants and flavonoids. Choose dark chocolate with as little sugar as possible to give you cardiovascular support and even help lower bad cholesterol levels.

Another reason for chocolate is to give it as a gift. Seriously, very few people buy chocolates for themselves. Don’t wait for a birthday or a holiday. Just give the gift of chocolate just to let someone know you’re thinking of them.

Speaking of special occasions, chocolate is nearly always an appreciated gift. Never mind the flowers or jewelry. Give me chocolate, and I’ll be in a great mood for days!

Chocolate is part of our American culture. Many of the people who started their stores years ago immigrated to the U.S.A. from other countries, bringing their customs and special foods. They contribute to and enhance the local communities and states where they call home. I am grateful for their culinary skills. Plus, chocolate brings us together; rarely does it tear us apart.

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Chocolate holds memories. For me, I have a memory of my dad taking me to our city’s nut and chocolate shop. We would share cashews, haystacks, and chocolate-covered peanuts. As an adult when I moved away, I would send my dad chocolate-covered peanuts on Father’s Day.

Another reason for chocolate is getting to know the makers. They usually have their own interesting stories, and they also enjoy getting to know you.

One final reason for chocolate is to treat yourself, even just to one chocolate. Something small but indulgent is a great reminder that you matter.

Send your favorite people gift idea hints by forwarding this article’s link!

Whatever the reason, chocolate is the answer. Enjoy giving and receiving!

Our Favorite Hand-Dipped Chocolates by State

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New Jersey

New York



Rhode Island




West Virginia

Is Edible Chocolate Not Your Thing?

My friend loves the fragrance of chocolate but doesn’t care to eat chocolate. I can’t relate, but if you can, consider these suggestions:

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Chocolate Drinks

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Paleo Chocolates

If you prefer paleo chocolates, check out 30 Paleo Bread, Brownies, and Chocolate We Love. We’re especially fond of Goodbites Raw Cacao Truffles.

Please note: Lindt, Ghirardelli, Russell Stover, and Whitman’s Sampler all continue to make fabulous chocolates in the USA. They are owned by a company outside the United States. Fannie Mae, another beloved chocolate company that continues to maintain its Illinois presence, is also owned by a company outside the USA.

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