Health and beauty products go hand and hand. Well, at least with the skin care side of beauty they do. As an Oncologist, Dr. Kevin Schewe witnessed the effects aggressive cancer treatments have on skin's health and wanted to heal this as well. Elite Therapeutics was born through his medical research of restorative ingredients and they are made in Colorado.  I'm excited to share with you my review of this Made in USA skin care line.

Elite Therapeutics Skin Care

elite therapeutics skincare

Dr. Schewe formulated Elite Therapeutics products to aid patients with skin woes caused by radiation treatments, but its not a boring, medicinal-smelling, ho-hum line of products. Instead, everything is packaged in beautiful and sleek containers providing luxe body care for those healing. It was not long before it was also discovered by those wishing to maintain youthful skin and restore their aging skin to optimal health.

I have three products to review from the line. All of the products are made in the USA and pharmaceutical grade.

The Elite Therapeutics Premier Creme is rich and silky, almost velvety. It has no added fragrance but has a distinct scent. I would say the smell reflects the product exactly. A blend of botanical and marine scents but instead of an earthy base it takes on the clean and decadent smell of the high end department store creams.  The cream gave me very supple and radiant skin. It was dewy without looking greasy. My hands were in need of as much, if not more care then my face so I applied it as a hand treatment before bed too. My winter hands looked 10 years older then the rest of my body and this brought them back to reality over night. My nails also grew faster because the condition of my cuticles were so healthy.

Essential Body Wash is a hydrating wash for the face in addition to the body. It is refreshing to have a product that is effective enough for use all over the body but delicate enough to use on your face. This wash kept my skin tone even and clear. It is very softening after regular use. The scent of the wash is lighter than that of the cream; it has less of the spa smell but is also nice. It smells a little of citrus but not fruity. This Elite Therapeutics body wash is a perfect, invigorating scent for a morning shower.

I also have a tube of the Elite Lip Balm which is not quite like any other lip treatment product I have had my hands on. The consistency is very thin, it is slippery like a water blend but has some glide from the oils. To my delight, it is not at all tacky. I love the look it gives my lips when I put on because it has a beautiful shine. The shine dissipates quickly though because it goes right to work on the dry lips. It absorbs and leaves your lips feeling smooth. I use it overnight to protect my lips from the dry, forced air heat that blows from the heating vents. Elite Therapeutics doesn't disappoint.

Elite Therapeutics is pharmaceutical grade skin care and crafted with the highest standards. It is paraben free as well. Anyone who is trying to achieve optimal skin health and radiance should do well with these products. The fact that patients undergoing radiation treatment can get relief from some of the havoc radiation puts their skin through is a good testament. I also love that a person dealing with health problems can add this in to their routine not as a plain label or prescription tube but something a little more exclusive and more of a pampering product.

Speaking of pampering, The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado offers Elite Therapeutics as in-room amenities. I love that they are supplying their guests with quality, luxury body care sourced right in their own state, both in the research and manufacturing development. The Broadmoor Hotel is a five star hotel that only offers the best of experiences and I think it speaks volumes that they have selected the Elite brand of products.

You can view the Elite Therapeutics site to find out more about the ingredients, get retail locations, order products and see recommended uses from the doctor himself.

[Disclosure: USA Love List received this product unconditionally for review purposes. Our opinions are always our own, and we aim to write fair and balanced reviews to promote only the very best of American-made products.]