The best clay mask will deep clean your skin.  The ingredients draw out the oils and impurities from the pores. In the process, you get tighter pores too.  I've picked the best clay masks for skin detox, all American made so you can trust the ingredients on your skin.

The Best Clay Mask for Skin Detox

Any of the clay masks in this list will make a good addition to your home facial routine. Each of the masks delivers all of the key benefits of a clay mask, but excels in the area I noted.

The Key Benefits of Using a Clay Mask Are:

  • a deep cleanse
  • tighter pores
  • removal of impurities
  • oil control
  • toned skin

It is recommended to use clay masks 1 to 2 times a week after cleansing. After mask removal, you must hydrate with your moisturizer to restore balance to your clean, tightened, and toned face.

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Best Clay Masks For Skin Detox

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