Get Organized – USA Style

This Saturday, September 22, is the first day of Autumn. Gone are the carefree days of summer. It's all about routines and schedules now that school is back in session. With the changes in temperature, also comes the changes in wardrobe. If you are into decorating with the seasons, it's time to break out the fall decorations. I don't know if it's just me, but right now my house is a clutter- summer clothes are ready to be packed away, fall clothes are coming out, papers that are supposed to be sent back to school and library books are getting lost, mornings are spent searching for shoes or sneakers, and who knows where I stuffed the Fall decorations after last year, if they even survived the leak in the basement… Time to get more organized!!

My 4 favorite  tips to get organized and the made in the USA items you'll need to make it happen:

  1. Hang a bulletin board, dry erase board and/or dry erase calender in a spot easily seen by everyone in the family.
    Dooley Boards have been made in Iowa for 44 years by Dooley Manufacturing. They offer a great selection of cork bulletin board and dry erase boards, like the dual board shown here. Write the schedule for the week and reminders on one side and pin notes, permission slips and even assignments that need to go back to school on the other. For the environmentally conscious, the Container Store sells White Recycled Rubber Bulletin Boards that are made in the USA of 100% recycled rubber.
  2. Put a shoe rack in your entry way hall or closet. Throwing shoes into the closet does not mean they stay together! The closet gets emptied every morning as at least one person in the family is looking for a matching pair of footwear. When the kiddos leave shoes in the entry way, someone is bound to trip over them. Signature Hardware sells shoe racks, like this Three Tier Cedar Shoe Rack made in Kentucky, made from environmentally friendly materials.
  3. Have a box, crate, or basket for the kiddos to put stuff in that they will need for school the next day. This could be in an entry way, or even in their own rooms. Put library books, projects, sporting, music or club equipment all in one easy to find and ready to go location so there is no searching in the morning. The Container Store sells Authentic Dairy Crates that come in several colors and everyone could have their own. Peterboro Basket Company in New Hampshire makes and sells great storage baskets like the Recycle/Storage Basket with Leather Handles (pictured) that would look great in any entry way while helping mornings run more smoothly.
  4. Store seasonal items in plastic totes or re-usable storage bags. Sterilite storage containers are easy to find, come in all different sizes and are made right in Massachusetts. These containers are a great alternative to cardboard boxes and trash bags when it comes to storing seasonal decorations and clothing. If you don't have the room to store totes, try the Space Bag Cube Combo Storage Pack from the Container Store. These made in the USA storage bags shrink down for easy storage and are reusable too.

Have you discovered any made in the USA storage items that you find helpful? Do you have any tips to share on getting organized? Please let us know!