Clever Girl Innovations is just that.  Their products, the Glam Ear and Glam Mat, are genius.  Both items save time and drama.  Both items are also proudly made in the USA which you can see featured on the cute packaging.

Glam Mat and Glam Ears are Made in USA! Clever Girl InnovationsThe Glam Ear by Clever Girl Innovations

The Glam Ear itself caught my a little off guard because, well, it just seemed weird.  Weird it is, but work it does.  It gave all three of my girls a chuckle but no one was laughing when that hot flat iron neared their little ears.  They were cool as a cucumber with the protection of the Glam Ear.  The set is being passed around this household.

The Glam Mat by Clever Girl Innovations

The Glam Mat is my favorite product.  The fact that it keeps my $100 plus heat tools from falling to the ground on a non slip surface is enough. That was not the main intention of the Glam Mat.  The intention of the product is to protect your household surfaces from damage of the high heat tools we use in hairstyling.  In fact the place we use it the most, next to leaving it on our vanity, is the rug.  We can watch TV and place our flat iron right on the mat without burning up our carpet or being hauled up in the bathroom.  Moms of daughters with massive curls know exactly what I am talking about.  Check out the picture below to get an idea of the time line we are looking at to straighten a head of hair in my home, ladies.

Clever Girl Innovations

I only wish the Glam Mat came in white to match my bathroom.  However I love using the mat so much that I leave the purple one right out on the vanity.  It is too convenient to stash away, not that pulling it out of drawer would be a task.   I am all about the easy morning and both of these tools help in that department  The mat is perfectly designed for a young lady's bathroom.  The pattern is a fun swirl and the colors available are pink and purple.

The Clever Girl team is giving one reader a set of Glam Ears and a Glam Mat.  They would definitely make a great gift, that is if you want to part with them yourself.  Check out the list of clever uses for the Glam Mat and you will be hooked.

The Giveaway

Clever Girl Innovations offered USA Love List a set of Glam Ears and a Glam Mat for one of our readers. There are a variety of entry options including opportunities for multiple daily entries. Good luck!

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