We heard recently that our friends at Quivvers have launched a Kickstarter campaign. After heading over to show them a little USA Love, I clicked around and got lost on the cutting edge of “Made in America” projects.  Kickstarter.com is the place to be to stay in the know about USA made products.  You can shape the economy by supporting companies through Kickstarter.com

What is Kickstarter.com?

Kickstarter is a website where innovators can seek funding for creative projects. Many of these projects are artistic or musical endeavors, but creative projects also include design of new products, development of new fashion lines, creation of films and documentaries, and so on. Projects are launched with page and a video to accompany an amount needed to make it happen. Individuals can pledge at any level to show their support and these supporters are typically promised something in return if the project goes forward. If enough people support the project, it will reach 100% funding, the supporters' credit cards will be charged, and the funds will be given to the project. If the project does not fulfill its funding goals, no one is charged and no funds are transfered.

Supporting American-made

Finding the newest made in USA projects on Kickstarter.com is as easy is entering phrases such as “Made in USA”, “Made in America”, or “American Made” in the search box. You will get to see projects that closed with full funding and others that did not meet their goal – often it is hard to understand why some made it and others didn't. Active funding campaigns are the most fun because you can click through and see if anything inspires you enough to contribute and get involved.

Tell us, have you ever contributed to a Kickstarter.com project? Are there any projects there now that you are moved to support? Are you more likely to contribute to a project that makes something in the USA?