You can do it! I promise. But the question is…  how to mix prints?  Mixing prints, patterns and textures can open up your wardrobe possibilities without ever going shopping, or open up your shopping excursions to new worlds of possibilities.  There is a fine line between looking like a mismatched hot mess and a woman owning her strong sense of fashion. Here is my guide to mixing prints while looking stylish coming and going.

Your Style Outline for How To Mix Prints

1. Stripes are the neutral of patterns.

  • don't get crazy with vertical and horizontal all in one look, it gets busy.
  • they do allow you to layer on the patterns with ease because stripes are pretty basic.

2. Use color coordination as your guiding light.

  • when the colors harmonize, it pulls the patterns together.
  • complementary colors work well when you are only mixing a couple of patterns, such as stripes and floral.
  • texture (lace, metallic, quilted) add a pattern without adding too many colors: a safer route.

3. Pick a solid to anchor your outfit.

  • one focal point should remain simple and solid in color.
  • pull the solid color from your patterns or use a neutral tone.

How to mix prints. American #style

Now let's shop American made and put it to work.

Mixed print shopping list:

Mix, match, layer and show your style.

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