Nostalgia & toys go together like peanut butter & jelly. Little green army men are back and they are American-made.

Little Green Army Men… when is the last time you saw them? Not counting the Toy Story movies. They were manufactured in the USA for decades until the company that made them finally, sadly, shut down.  Today we have great news! The original molds for these and other classic plastic toys were purchased and the figures have just recently been reissued.  Even better news, they are still American made.

The Review

Nostalgia and toys go together like peanut butter and jelly.  There is nothing parents, aunt & uncles, and grandparents love more than to share a beloved toy with a child.  Little green army men were so common and so durable, there may still be a bag of them stashed in a drawer at grandma's house. But if you are looking for an inexpensive thrill, buy a bag, give a fist pump for the Made in USA flag, and prepare to get down on the carpet or dig in the dirt with a kid.

That's how I envisioned it, at least. But once the army guys were on their way, I wondered how my resident 8 year old reviewer would react.  This kid has a house full of intricate (and exorbitant) Lego sets. Would he know what to do with simple molded plastic men?
“Mom! What are those??”
“Army guys… and space guys.  I need to find someone to try them out and review them.”
“Me! Me! I'll do it. Are they made in the USA? That's so awesome!”
Off they went and I enjoyed the sight of them in action all summer (except when they were underfoot – ouch!).

The set comes with a huge variety of figures in various poses.  They are well made, strong and smooth with good flat bases that will stand up even in thick carpet or out in the grass.  Not having to create or pose the figures seemed to eliminate the pressure to build something and opened up my son's imagination allowing him to immerse himself in the scenes. For younger kids, just the process of carefully setting up the figures was challenging and engaging.  Even our dog got into the act. He never chews toys, but he must have received some message from dogs past telling him he should chomp on a few, giving them injuries ranging from comical to gruesome.

Galaxy Team Space Heroes & Monsters are cousins to Little Green Army Men, both recently reissued and made in the USA.The current version of the army men comes with figures in both green and tan so it is clear where the battle lines are drawn.  Less well known, but surely a source of fond memories for children of the 80's and on, are the Galaxy Laser Team set of space heroes and monsters in gray and navy blue. The sets stored easily in a pair of ziploc bags and were ready to tote wherever we went. I imagine we'll have them forever. I imagine I'll keep them for my kids' kids. That's how you know they are classics.

The company we have to thank for bringing back these beloved TimMee toys is J. Lloyd International and they are being offered on Amazon by a company named VictoryBuy.  You can find them in the USA Love List shop's toy department or directly on Amazon.

The Giveaway

We are so excited because THREE of our readers are going to get two huge sets of classic action figures – both the Army Men and the Space Heroes & Monsters. There are a variety of entry options including opportunities for multiple daily entries. Good luck!

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