Building toys are more than just blocks. Building toys stimulate imagination and creative play, and can be used to teach science and math (without kiddos even know that they are learning- gasp!). The made in USA building toys that I discovered for this list span all ages from baby to teens. There are even several listed here that adults would love!

Made in USA Building Toys for Kids of All Ages

  • Bannor Toys handmade hardwood building toy blocks are made in the USA and are available with the alphabet, numbers, plain, and personalized.  Suggested ages: Baby and up
    Made in USA Building Toys: Bannor Toys wooden blocks #usalovelisted #toys
  • BEKA handmade wooden building block sets are handmade in Minnesota. Suggested ages: Baby and up
  • Block N Roll, a marble maze building toy, is made in Pennsylvania. Suggested Ages: 6 and up
  • BluTrack made in USA racetracks put kids in charge of designing and building their own race course.  Suggested ages: 3 and up with adult help, 5 and up free playMade in USA Building Toys: BluTrack racetracks #toys #STEM #usalovelisted
  • CrossBeams advanced building toys are made in USA especially for older kids. The join and twist joints of this building toy make it hard for younger kids to manipulate, yet are challenging enough for the older ones. Kits are rated Easy, Moderate, or Advanced. Suggested ages: Easy=12+, Moderate=14+, Advanced=16+Made in USA Building Toys: CrossBeams advanced building kits #usalovelisted #STEM #toys
  • Geometiles award-winning math learning with creative play interlocking pieces. Suggested Ages: 6 to 106
  • Guillow's flying toy model kits are made in USA. Suggested ages: 13 and upMade in USA Building Toys; Guillow's flying model kits for ages 13+
  • KEVA Maple Blocks are plank stacking blocks. Note: only the maple blocks are made in USA. Suggested ages: 5 to adult. Made in USA Building Toys: Keva Maple Planks #STEM #toys #usalovelisted
  • Kids Adventure giant building blocks (think giant Legos) are made in the USA and suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Suggested Ages: 18 months and up
  • K'NEX rods and connectors are manufactured in Pennsylvania. Not all pieces in K'NEX building toy kits are made in USA, but everything is clearly labeled. Learn more about why we love K'NEX here. Suggested Ages: Kid K'NEX– ages 3-5, K'NEX– ages 7 and up
  • Lapp's Toys Amish wooden toys are built in Pennsylvania. Lapp's Toys offers unfinished wood blocks, including this set which comes with a handmade wood truck. Suggested Ages: Preschool and upMade in USA Building Toys: Lapp's Toys Amish wooden toys #usalovelisted #toys
  • Manzanita Kids wooden blocks are handmade in Seattle, Washington. Suggested Ages: Baby and up.
  • Qubits, an engineering construction toy, promotes free play and is made in the USA. There are no small pieces, and the pieces are durable. Suggested Ages: 5+
    American made building toys: Qubits #STEM #usalovelisted #madeinUSA
  • Roy Toy log building sets are 100% made in USA, made in Maine. Suggested Ages: 4 and up
  • Smart Monkey Toys Giant Blocks are made from sturdy corrugated cardboard and are printed with non-toxic inks. Suggested ages: 18 months and up
  • Snapo building toys are interlocking blocks that snap together. Suggested ages: Big Size Blocks- 1 to 5, Standard Size Blocks-3 and upMade in USA Building Toys: Snapo building blocks #usalovelisted #toys
  • TedCo Toys Super Set Block and Marbles is handmade by Amish craftsmen in IndianaRead about how much my family loves the Super Set Block and Marbles hereSuggested Ages: 4 and up
  • Timberworks Toys natural and educational wooden building toys are made in America. Suggested Ages: Wooden Block Sets- ages 3 and up, Interlocking Blocks- ages 5 and upMade in USA Building Toys: Educational wooden blocks by Timberworks Toys #STEM #usalovelisted #toys
  • Uncle Goose wooden blocks are more than ‘just blocks'! Known for their bright colors and unique themes, Uncle Goose blocks are handmade in Michigan. Suggested Ages: 2 and up
  • YOXO earth friendly STEM building toys are made in Minnesota from recycled wood fiber. YOXO building pieces connect with other building toys, and household items like paper towel roll, TP rolls, and cereal boxes. Suggested Ages: Depends on kit- Ages 4+, Ages 6+, or Ages 8+American made building toys: YOXO STEM building toys #usalovelisted #STEM #buildingtoys #toys
  • Zometool building toys for kids ages 6-15 has won all types of awards. Many STEM and science themed kits to choose from. Suggested ages: 6-15

Made in USA Building Toys For Baby to Teens #usalovelisted #gifts #toys #STEM #madeinUSA

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