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Able Closures – Committed to American Quality

How many companies set out to make a product that will last for generations?  That is the goal of Able Closures. They are a Dallas, Texas company that is making genuine American handcrafted business cases.  Able Closure cases are inspired by the way brief cases were made in the 30's and 40's.  I recently had the opportunity to talk, at length with founding partner Jeff Boudreax about his company's commitment to the highest quality in American manufacturing.
A former corporate executive whose company “sold out to China”, Boudreax was searching for a brief case.  This is when he realized that virtually all of the choices were labeled by American companies but made overseas.  Boudreax had to travel to London to find the kind of quality case he was seeking.  Afterwards,  Able Closures was born with the goal of building cases the way they were built in the 30's and 40's.
“We began with that spirit, making really quality products,” he said.  “We want to control the whole process, from the leather to the customer.”  The primary objective is to, “hire only American employees and build a product that is exclusively American,” he said. “We value the fair treatment of workers and we intend to build products to last for generations.”
The experience proved to be more challenging than anticipated.  Able Closures found it very hard to find consistently processed leather in the United States. Most of what was available came from Brazil. They reached a point where they needed to source their own materials.  From the dairy cows to the mom-and-pop tannery that provides the quality of leather they need, they succeeded. The company set up their own assembly process in Texas and Mississippi.
The result, is a line of USA made business cases.  They are made of full grain leather and have saddle grade stitching, and solid brass and bronze fasteners. “The response has been phenomenal,” said Boudreaux. Using such high quality materials results in high-end prices.  Once customers see the products, they understand the value. “If we sell in a new zip code, within weeks, we'll get several orders nearby,” he reported. “For us, the bottom line is craftsmanship and the key is the quality of our materials.”
Able Closures makes a tablet case for iPads, a smaller document case, and several brief case sizes, each of which nests inside the other to make complimentary sets. They carry a limited lifetime warranty and each case has a unique ID. The company will repair or replace any case at any time. They come in three shades: mahogany, saddle, and black. They are currently available exclusively online.
Visit the Able Closures website at to view the complete product line.