Today's post is about a silly little thing that just happens to be made in the USA. And I can't keep my hands off it. In fact, this post almost didn't get written because I couldn't stop playing with it.  For real.

Perhaps you saw the post yesterday about how we sometimes have products sent to us, with the hope that we will write about them (and you may have seen yesterday how that backfired -ha).  But let me assure you, this was not the case with the can of Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty I have been messing with all afternoon long.

Each of my kids received a can of Thinking Putty for Christmas.  I thought it was cool that it was made in the USA but I didn't think much of it.  But I did notice that we did about 36 hours of driving over the holiday in our motorhome and the Thinking Putty was out on the table the entire time.  I became a little alarmed when I was browsing a lovely antique store and looked down to realize that I had a huge handful of orange putty that I had been carrying around and messing with unconsciously. And then I couldn't stop, even after I realized where I was and what I was doing.

We got home and I heard myself begging the kids to let me play with their putty.  Let me explain… it is kind of like Silly Putty, but stretchier.  It comes in an array of colors including heat sensitive color changing, metallics, glow in the dark, magnetic, and a clear so glassy we thought the tin was empty when we first opened it.  It never dries out but it does change shape over time. In the tin is a HUGE adult handful.  You'd think it would be enough to share, but it was not. My kids kept coming into my office and demanding to have their Thinking Putty back.

I was buying something on Amazon (I think I've mentioned my Amazon addiction) and I suddenly spotted Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty. That's when the thought came to me: hey! This stuff is fun. It is only $10 or $15 depending on the variety.  It is American-made so I can feel good about that. I can buy my own can of Thinking Putty!  And I did. In my favorite colors.  Don't tell the kids – I don't want to share.

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty makes a great inexpensive gift for any age,
but you heard it here… it's ok to get some for yourself.
You can buy Thinking Putty on Amazon and we've
added every color we could find to the USA Love List Shop –>>