Piggy Paint – Perfect Polish for Princesses

The problem with many fun beauty sets for kids is that they are designed only to esthetically catch the eye of little girls but they are often made of low quality (often toxic) ingredients.  It is all about the package and the product quickly disappoints.  Although young ladies do want to be impressed with a pretty package, they are after the same results as the women they look up to.  They want something fabulous. I highly recommend any one of the Piggy Paint Gift Sets on Amazon.

We (I recruited the help of my favorite little girls) reviewed Piggy Paint and we were impressed.  The Piggy Paint formula is non-toxic and proudly made in the USA.  The selection of colors doesn't disappoint either.  The names of the colors were one of the biggest hits about sampling the polish.  Once the girls started reading off the polish names they were giggly and using their own imaginations to think up other fun names.

Why I like Piggy Paint as a parent:

  • low odor
  • water based formula
  • fast drying time
  • quality of color and durability of manicure

I also love the Piggy Paint logo and slogan, “Natural as Mud” with that adorable pig. This may be channeling my inner child; it sucks me right in.

piggy paint

Here is what the pretty little people are saying about Piggy Paint nail polish:

“It sticks on for days and there is lots of colors to choose from.” Olivia, 5 years old“It goes on nicely without a topcoat and it doesn't smell bad.”  Asha, 12 years old

See what Olivia has to say in this short and sweet video featuring Piggy Paint shade, “Jazz It Up”.

Unanimously, the application process is our favorite feature.  After you apply a couple of thin coats you can quick set the nail polish with a hair dryer.  Hello genius, we all know that kids barely have enough patience to sit through their manicure let alone allow drying time.

I am excited to announce that Piggy Paint will be one of many made in USA brands for children participating in a huge multi-winner giveaway that is launching on Black Friday!  Stay tuned for fantastic gift ideas, children's products and a chance to win.

Angie BarnesBeauty Editor, USA Love Listfollow Angie on twitter @amariebeauty