As you start to think about your holiday shopping this year, take a little time to check our ever growing list of deals and sales on American made products.  

Buying American can be affordable

It's a myth that it costs more to buy American.  Many, many products made here are competitively priced.  Not only are the companies on our list working had to keep their manufacturing at home, but they have offered holiday discounts to our readers too.  Please thank them by checking out what they have to offer. Click here to see the list.

Sometimes, it is worth it to invest in Made in USA

Some American made products do cost a little more, but the ones we recommend are usually superior in quality or design.  One way to reduce the number of cheap imported products in our homes is to simply buy less but invest in quality pieces: a good coat, a lovely set of dishes, a sturdy handbag, a reliable set of shoes, high-quality beauty products with ingredients you can trust.  When items are manufactured in the USA, it can be hard to offer deeply discounted sale prices.  Take a look at our list of rare deals and sales on Made in USA products.

Your gift means more when it is American made

A big part of a thoughtful gift is the story behind it.  When your loved ones open your gifts, do you want to follow it up with, “I got it 60% off at the biggest big box store in town so I thought of you”?  Or would you rather say, “This gift was made here in our home state. The factory supports 200 jobs in a small town. They've been making beautiful stuff for 6o years.  I saw it, thought of you, and knew you would appreciate it.”  If you find the perfect gift from our list of deals and sales, it can stay our little secret.

Let us help you choose the best gifts for everyone on your list, all American made.  We publish new gift guides every day. If you think nothing is made in America anymore, you need to check out our ideas, tips, and lists.

American made gift ideas for everyone on your list.

Will YOU buy at least some American made gifts this year? Please share this with friends and family to let them know that it is important to you to support American jobs.

If everyone spent just $64 on American made gifts this season, we could create 200,000 jobs. Here is a list of deals and sales on American Made gifts.