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Eco Friendly BBQ Ideas: Green Your Summer Cookout With American Made Products

Burgers, grilled veggies, potato salad…oh my!!! It's cookout time of year and I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!  Food aside, there are other items on your checklist that need to be acquired. Take some of these BBQ ideas into consideration and make your shin dig more eco-friendly while supporting companies that manufacture in the USA. Eco Friendly BBQ Ideas: Host an Eco Friendly Cookout With American Made Products Reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing a grill that is made right here in the USA. The longer the distance a product travels from manufacturer to distributer, the higher the carbon...

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Five Simple Steps for a Fun Summer Party and an American-made source list for everything you need

It's now or never time… August will be here before you know it. Have your summer entertaining plans come to pass? In the spring, we dream of summer afternoons in the backyard, entertaining on the deck or patio but sometimes the season gets away from us. If you haven't hosted your friends or neighbors for a barbecue yet, we're going to give you a five-step plan to make it happen before Labor Day. 5 Steps to a Fun Summer Party Step 1: Check out your patio, your yard, or your deck. Is it party-ready? Pull a few weeds. Add...

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How To Prevent Ingrown Hairs and Shaving Tips for Men and Women

These shaving tips are my best methods for how to prevent ingrown hairs and unsightly razor bumps.  The tips are not only useful for keeping a close shave but also for any areas that are prone to ingrown hairs and razor burn on both men and women. Shaving Tips to Prevent Ingrown Hairs Prep your whiskers with warm steam for a couple of minutes.  During your shower is the easy way, but a hot towel will work too. Apply a shaving cream instead of the standard foam.  Foams are drying.  The right product can eliminate irritation. Shaving is an...

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Lunch Bags, Lunch Gear for Kids and Adults: A Made in USA Ultimate Source List

Whether you are on the hunt for Made in the USA lunch bags and lunch gear for the new school year, or you are looking for some reusable container (and possibly lunch packing) inspiration, we have this ultimate source list just for you. Don't miss my tips on how to pack an Eco friendly  lunch! Lunch Bags, Lunch Gear for Kids and Adults: Made in the USA Lunch Bags & Boxes Organic Lunch Bags: Enchanted Slumber Enchanted Slumber is a mom owned & run company based in California that focuses on products for kids that are of high quality, and that leave...

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Inspired by Martha Stewart’s 2014 American Made Summit & Awards

Earlier this month, our own Jill Homiak and I met up in New York City to attend the third Martha Stewart American Made Summit.  Jill and I work together every day on USA Love List, but we live in different cities so we rarely get to see each other in person. What a treat! And even better, we were at a dream-come-true event entirely dedicated to celebrating American Made. This was our first time attending this event. I'll be honest… I'd been a little skeptical. I'm a fan of Martha Stewart as a businesswoman and as a personality. But...

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