The New Year is a great time to check on your kids' lunch box set up. Or you might want to treat yourself to some sweet lunch gear so you can pack lunches that help you meet your new year's goals. Feel extra great when you choose American made products. Whether you are on the hunt for Made in the USA lunch bags and lunch gear for the new school year, or you are looking for some reusable container (and possibly lunch packing) inspiration, we have this ultimate source list just for you.

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Lunch Bags, Lunch Gear for Kids and Adults: Made in the USA

Lunch Bags & Boxes

  • The Stephanie Dawn Quilted Lunch Bag is a popular lunch gear choice for tweens, teens, and moms too.Made in USA lunch bags, lunch gear: Stephanie Dawn lunch bag #usalovelisted #lunchgear
  • ]The Cinda b  Lunch Tote is made in the USA from a quilted poly/nylon fabric that is stain resistant. The flat bottom makes it easy to stack food containers. Colors and patterns are popular with tweens, teens, and adults.Made in USA Lunch Bags, Lunch Gear: Cinda B lunch bags #usalovelisted #lunchgear #madeinUSA

Reusable Containers & Bags

  • Planet Wise zipper sandwich bags are made in the USA from as many USA made materials as possible.Made in USA Lunch bags, lunch gear: Planet Wise reusable sandwich and snack bags #madeinUSA #usalovelsited
  • All Preserve storage containers are made in the USA from recycled plastic and are recyclable. They are all perfect for freezing, microwaving, and containing liquids with no leaks. The Preserve 8-Piece Food Storage Set contains perfect size containers for packing lunch for school or work.Made in USA lunch gear: Reusable lunch containers from Preserve #usalovelisted #lunchgear #schoollunch
  • Re-Play 2 piece stackable snack containers are made in the USA from recycled milk containers.made in USA lunch gear: Replay snack containers #usalovelisted #schoollunch #lunchgear
  • Bentology lunch containers have been a favorite lunch gear item of mine for years. Bentology containers with lids don't leak (if the kids put the covers on properly), they are BPA free, and they stack great in standard size reusable lunch bags.Made in USA Lunch gear: Bentology storage containers #usalovelisted #lunchgear #madeinUSA
  • Snapware manufactures plastic and glass storage containers with tight lids- all made in the USA. Many Snapware containers are microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe.Lunch gear; Snapware, made in USA
  • For the older kids, Pyrex No-Leak glass containers are microwavable and freezer safe.Made in USA lunch gear: pyrex no leak glass containers #lunchgear #usalovelisted #schoollunch

Reusable water bottles, tumblers, travel mugs

  • Tervis manufactures travel tumblers and water bottles (as well as wine glasses, drinking cups, and more) in Florida. There are many designs to choose from…Disney theme, sports teams, colleges, and more.Made in USA Lunch gear: Tervis Tumblers made in Florida #usalovelsited #madeinUSA #lunchgear #backtoschool
  • The Polar Bottle insulated 12oz bottle is a great size for kids of all ages. There are many kid themed designs to choose from. Fill the bottle 3/4 of the way and freeze it the bottle the night before. Ice will be melted and water will be refreshingly cold by lunch time. For bigger kids and adults, there are 20 oz and 24 oz bottle sizes.Made in USA Lunch gear: Polar Bottle 12 oz insulated water bottles #madeinUSA #usalovelisted #schoollunch #lunchgear #backtoschool
  • Liberty Bottleworks makes the first and the only US made metal water bottle in Yakima, Washington. These bottles are made of recycled aluminum and are BPA free, and are available in 16oz (with kid-approved designs), 24oz , and 32oz sizes.Made in USA lunch gear: Liberty Bottleworks kid size reusable water bottle #schoollunch #lunchgear #usalovelisted
  • Vapur foldable water anti-bottles are made in the USA from BPA free, FDA approved polyethylene bonded in 2 layers of nylon. Vapur water bottles are available in multiple sizes and designs for adults and kids of all ages.
  • Nalgene Grip & Gulp bottles have molded grips making them easy for little hands to maneuver. Nalgene water bottles are available in multiple sizes and designs.Made in USA lunch gear: Nalgene water bottles #usalovelisted #lunchgear #backtoschool
  • 50 Strong water bottles come in several different styles, like the chug bottle pictured here, as well as a gym bottle and an insulated bottle. 50 Strong sent me one of each style to try out and everyone in the family loves them. They don't leak and the handle makes them easy to hang on to.
    Made in USA lunch gear: 50Strong water bottles #usalovelisted #lunchgear #schoollunch

Reusable cutlery and more

  • Preserve Cutlery makes a nice line of reusable utensils.
  • Re-Play reusable utensils come in a variety of colors and are made in the USA from recycled milk jugs. You could also pick up silverware cheap at yard sales or use old odd and end pieces.
  • Etsy offers a great selection of handmade cloth napkins in patterns that kids will love. Support small American business!

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