Scott’s Liquid Gold

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5 Things to Clean (That You Might Have Forgotten About) Before Dinner Party Guests Arrive

You have been cleaning for weeks, and cooking for days. Guests are set to arrive in a few hours. Are you ready?! Check this list to make sure you have every area of your home dinner-party-guest-worthy clean. (And don't miss our tips on American made products to tackle the job.) 5 Things to Clean (That You Might Have Forgotten About) Before Dinner Party Guests Arrive THE OUTSIDE OF CABINET DOORS While I am preparing a meal, it looks like a hurricane has hit my kitchen. I don't know how, but stuff (batter, grease, any ingredient…) always manages to get...

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Make it an American made Thanksgiving dinner this year

Have an American made Thanksgiving this year.  Show that you are thankful for ‘Made in USA' and make it a point to incorporate American made products into your entertaining. Not holding Thanksgiving festivities at your home this year? These suggestions will also make great host/hostess gifts! American Made Thanksgiving Dinner Table Ideas Don't miss our recent articles on setting the Thanksgiving table or our picks for serving the pies plus a pumpkin martini recipe. If you will be starting your holiday decorating this weekend, be sure to check our quick and easy tips for holiday decorating with American made. Before you...

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6 Quick & Easy Holiday Decorating Ideas

I've got some quick and easy holiday decorating ideas for you using the very best Made in the USA Christmas items I could find for decking your halls.  EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. I have a grandiose idea about how I want my house to look- inside and out- for the holiday season. And EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. I find myself lacking the energy, time, and crafting skills needed to emulate what I have seen in magazines and on TV. Not this year. I have found some American made Christmas decorations that I'm investing in. I'm counting on these to make my holiday decorating quick and easy....

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Preparing for Houseguests? 7 Tips That Will Help

Do you have out of town friends or family visiting for summer vacation? Are you ready?! Well here are six tips and American made home products to help you prepare, so you will be. Preparing for Houseguests with These 7 Tips 1. Have new bath towels, hand towels and wash clothes ready for your guests. I use my bath towels, hand towels, and wash clothes until they pretty much fall apart, which would make them embarrassing for guests to see, never mind use. American made towels from 1888 Mills are affordable, so replacing a whole bath set won't break the bank. 1888 Mills...

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Giveaway: American Made Cleaning Products from Scott’s Liquid Gold

OK, I admit it, cleaning is NOT something I like to spend my time doing.  I am always on the hunt for American made cleaning products that can cut down my cleaning time, AND work well.  Today we are giving away a prize package that includes made in the USA cleaning products that do both. Scott's Liquid Gold American Made Cleaning Products Scott's Liquid Gold cleaning products have been manufactured in the USA for 65 years. All of the boxes, cans, containers, and boxes that contain Scott's Liquid Gold products are American made as well.  I received Scott's Liquid Gold cleaning...

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