You have been cleaning for weeks, and cooking for days. Guests are set to arrive in a few hours. Are you ready?! Check this list to make sure you have every area of your home dinner-party-guest-worthy clean. (And don't miss our tips on American made products to tackle the job.)

5 Things to Clean (That You Might Have Forgotten About) Before Dinner Party Guests Arrive

    While I am preparing a meal, it looks like a hurricane has hit my kitchen. I don't know how, but stuff (batter, grease, any ingredient…) always manages to get on my cabinet doors. Make sure there are no remnants of your meal prep still lingering in your kitchen! Give those cabinet doors a spray of Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Wash, and wipe them down with a rag. Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Wash works on wood, simulated wood, painted surfaces and more.
    Scott's Liquid Gold | Wood Wash | Made in USA
    I always forget to make sure the INSIDE of my trash can is clean before large gatherings. I know it might sound weird, but if the inside of a trash can hasn't been cleaned in a while it can be pretty gross on the bottom. If your party generates a lot of trash, the bag will probably have to be emptied and replaced. If a helpful someone ever saw the bottom of my trash can it could be embarrassing, not to mention the odors that linger there! Rinse the trash can outside with a hose, or in the shower. Spray can interior with Touch of Scent Odor Neutralizer to keep those odors at bay.
    Touch of Scent Odor Neutralizer
    I know you have probably cleaned the bathroom 5 times already. However, if you have guys in the house (especially little ones) you will want to lift up that toilet seat and give it a quick wipe down. Trust me on this one!
    Dirty hands (those of my kiddos and of my hubby) leave marks everywhere in my bathroom. When I am cleaning, I always forget to wipe down the back of the bathroom door where grimy prints linger. Scott's Liquid Gold Dust ‘n Go dust wipes are perfect for last minute cleaning touch ups. They work great for cleaning wood and non wood surfaces. Check your bathroom vanity doors too. My kiddos manage to get toothpaste there every morning.
    Scott's Liquid Gold Dust 'n Go for cleaning up in a flash #madeinUSA
    I swear spiders spin webs in my house overnight! Even if I just dusted the ceiling fans and ceiling lights the day before, I will still see a lingering web the next day. If it's not a haunted house ambiance you are going for, make sure to look up and double check that you have caught all the dust bunnies and webs above.

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