Swoop Bags

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The Best Gifts for Kids: Made in the USA

Looking for a unique gift that a child age 4-10 will LOVE? With two kids of my own in this age group, I know how difficult it is to find a gift that is fun, of great quality, AND made in the USA. Here is my latest list of the best gifts for kids, all American made. The Best Gifts for Kids: Made in the USA Whittle Shoreline Railroad Wooden Toy Trains Everyone knows a train fan! Since 1996, family owned Whittle Shoreline Railroad has been handcrafting wooden toy trains in Kirkwood, Missouri. Whittle Shoreline Railroad wooden trains are made to look like real...

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American Made Gifts for kids who love LEGOS

If you are gift shopping for a kiddo under the age of 12, I can almost guarantee that the word “LEGO” appears at the top of their want list! Although LEGO's are not made in China, there are, unfortunately, no LEGO bricks or pieces manufactured in the USA. Wait… no need to stress if you have taken the pledge to buy American! You'll be the hero when you give these unexpected American made gifts for kids who love LEGO's. There are many made in the USA options out there when looking for gifts for a LEGO kid. K'NEX construction rods...

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Want, Need, Wear, Read: Simplify Gift Giving With These American Made Holiday Gift Ideas

Every. Single. Year. I get caught up in the holiday shopping frenzy. Every. Single. Year. This year, I've got a plan to simplify gift giving, plan ahead, and buy American. I have to step back and ask myself, “Is it worth it to by a lot of cheap gifts, or should I invest in a few high quality and meaningful gifts?”  In previous years, I found myself collecting flyers, searching online for the best deals…. thinking of all the things that my kiddos MUST HAVE.  I get caught up in the thrill of low prices, and the excitement of stretching...

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Giveaway: Introducing the NEW Super Swoop Bag, Made in Seattle

If you know a kid who has more LEGOS than you ever thought could possibly be owned, than you absolutely can not miss this week's made in the USA giveaway sponsored by Swoop. Made in Seattle, Swoop Bags Since the first Swoop bag was available for sale in 2011, Sarah Kirk, the owner of Swoop, has been doing her part to protect bare feet from the pain of plastic building toys. Swoop bags are tough fabric storage bags that double as a large circular play mat. Made in Seattle, Washington, Swoop bags keep toys like LEGOS contained yet leave them easily...

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