Part 1 of guest contributor Sue Garrison's series on décor in the Made in America Pavilion at the High Point Market.

About 80,000 interior designers flock to the High Point Market in North Carolina twice a year to see the latest in home furnishings and décor products. This spring’s show, held April 21-26, featured a Made in America Pavilion—which at 32,000 square feet, was bigger and better than the premier of the pavilion at the fall show.

Kids’ products were among the categories featured, demonstrating the ingenuity of furniture designers and the talent of the craftspeople who make them.

Atomic Playrooms offers creative products, including the Rocket Rack Shelf/Play Structure, for kids who want playrooms and bedrooms that reflect their love of robots, outerspace and more. These items are built in Georgia.
The Bronco Loft in the Bunkhouse Collection is one of the many bedroom sets manufactured by Trendwood Inc. in Phoenix.
Vaughan-Bassett, which makes more than 97% its products in Galax, Va., and Elkin, N.C., offers a variety of youth bedroom sets, such as the Cottage Collection shown here.

Sue Garrison has an interest in finding outstanding American-made home décor products. She’s a content administrator for who also works alongside manufacturers, distributors and designers for promoting home décor in the kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms in the home. She can be reached at sueg (at)