Non-toxic Glassware Made in the USA proves to be safe for enjoying your favorite beverages while also being a great addition to your table. Shop all price points from notable brands.

American Made Non Toxic Drinking Glasses

I’ve always admired people who can set an attractive table, whether for guests or for everyday family enjoyment. They know which side of the plate the utensils go on, where the napkin should go, and they have matching drinking glasses.

Wait. Matching drinking glasses? Not a recycled jar left over from pickles or those tiny jars of cheese I buy during the holidays?

While I’m not recommending you run out and buy the most expensive glassware you can find, it might be nice to get rid of your pickle and cheese jars to buy a set of pretty glassware. Consider drinking glasses made with bright colors, or they have pretty, long stems. That “shot glass” doubles for a great orange juice container. For some brands, each glass is a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Whatever you choose, make sure you’re choosing the safest drinking glasses for the people you love.

You want what you’re drinking your favorite beverage in to be safe from harmful components. Refer to our list below and rest in the knowledge you’re buying non-toxic glassware made in the USA.

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What Makes Glassware Non Toxic?

Low-quality glassware might contain higher levels of lead and cadmium. While these two materials help in the melting process of making glass, they also are unsafe for your personal health.

You might have heard about lead being found in drinking water in some American cities or in old paint inside a home, but lead can also exist in a number of household products. These products include inexpensive, imported glassware or antique glasses. USA agencies, on the other hand, work hard to ensure we’re not ingesting lead. Doing so eventually can lead to some pretty serious health issues, including memory loss, nerve damage, constant headaches, and even more serious problems.

A second material to be aware of is cadmium. Cadmium is another heavy metal typically found in electronic devices or even cookware or utensils. Like its cousin lead, if significant amounts of cadmium build up in the body, people can experience kidney problems and other health issues. Some cancers might even be attributed to this toxic metal.

Non-toxic glassware does not contain these two leads or any other harmful components. As a matter of fact, most, if not all, of the American glassware producers eliminate these harmful leads.

The USA Love List of non-toxic glassware is safe glassware.

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Materials To Look For in Safe Glassware

The safest drinking glasses combine the use of several non-toxic raw materials. The most common material is silica or silicon dioxide. Soda ash, or sodium carbonate, is another safe ingredient. Glassware and some glass bakeware contain soda-lime glass.

A final type of glass that’s safe and eco-friendly is borosilicate glass, made from boron trioxide combined with several of the ingredients mentioned above. This type of glass has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, which is a fancy way of saying it won’t crack with liquids of higher temperatures. The best thing to know is this kind of glass is thermal-shock resistant.

Now that you’ve had a brief chemistry lesson, let’s move on to how safe glassware is made.

A Note About Heirloom Glassware

While you might want to hang onto glassware handed down throughout several generations, beware those antique glass products just might contain harmful levels of lead or small amounts of other compounds no longer deemed safe. Lead crystal is one of the culprits. Avoid lead poisoning by keeping these glass dishes on the shelf. You'll find several long-stemmed options in our list of glassware. These selections are free from toxic chemicals.

How is Non Toxic Glassware Made?

It takes a long time to make quality glassware.

The best options for safe glassware undergo a similar manufacturing process, at least initially. The ingredients come together under extremely high heat to create a liquid. Then the liquid is shaped by using either a mold or glass blowing techniques, a painstaking artistic method. After cooling and undergoing several other processes that make a nonporous, solid material, your glassware becomes that perfect piece to accentuate your place setting.

Why Buy Made in the USA Glassware?

The US glass industry is scrutinized, not only in the materials being used but also in the production process. Whereas other countries can use inferior materials and cut corners in production, the USA has OSHA, the EDA, and the US office of environmental health watching how your glassware is made. You’re pretty much guaranteed your glassware is safe.

While human health is the biggest reason for buying safe drinking glasses made in the USA, there are other reasons for buying USA products. In a nutshell, you’re supporting the economy, American manufacturing, and American workers. Some of the companies we list have been around for over a century.

Now that we've shared the importance of buying American-made, safe drinking glasses, let's get to the list!

Non Toxic Glassware Made in USA

If you know of non-toxic glassware made in the USA not included on our list, please leave a comment below and we'll be sure to check it out!

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