This week, I am going to tell you about an American-made product that you might not know you need, but I'm going to tell you… you need it. It's a Lap Log, made in South Carolina by Bamboosa. A Lap Log is a cylindrical bean bag (buckwheat hull bag, actually), sewn into an organic cotton twill cover, which has a pocket to secure a hand-sanded repurposed wood insert that holds your iPad, Kindle, Nook, or any kind of tablet.  It rests comfortably on your lap and adjusts simply on any surface.  It is light, comfortable, even kind of cuddly.  I loved it the moment I got my hands on it, but so did the rest of my family. We have been swiping it from each other incessantly for the last six weeks. We even took it on vacation with us. True story.

It is hard to describe, but using an iPad or tablet when you don't have use your hands to hold it is a completely different experience.  When the screen is held steady, adjusted to the perfect angle and you only need to use a fingertip to interact with it, the feeling is somehow more relaxing.  And, in the case of cooking from an on-screen recipe, it is definitely more clean!  I really liked using it with my iPad in the kitchen. My children love being able to read their Kindles in bed without having to hold them.  We used it when a group of kids were working together, gathered around the iPad to edit a video. My husband propped his iPad on the dash of our motorhome to use as a navigation system. We left it set up on the kitchen counter while we were entertaining to run a slideshow of photos. And the best part, in my opinion, is that it holds all of these gadgets with or without their covers, gently but securely. Bamboosa makes a huge range of items, from apparel to baby gear, home products, accessories, socks, and bath products, all made in the USA, all from sustainable renewable materials.

On the Bamboosa website, they write:

We always envisioned that when we had our own company we would make higher quality, better performing, really comfortable, longer lasting,sweatshop- free, competitively priced, American Made apparel and baby products that are a better choice for the environment. We also said we would do it responsibly and as good corporate citizens.

This sounds like a tall order and I can't tell you how many people or companies I have talked to who said that any one part of this ideal is simply impossible.  But it's not. Because Bamboosa does it all.  I encourage everyone to visit their website, read about their products, about why it is important to make products that are Earth-friendly, sweatshop-free, and American-made. I especially enjoyed all of the great photos behind the scenes at the Bamboosa manufacturing facility.

Visit the Bamboosa website to see their selection of American-made, Earth-friendly items then enter to win. We are giving away a Bamboosa Lap Log iPad/Tablet Rest for FREE with opportunities for multiple daily entries including “Pin It to Win It” options for Pinterest fans. Good luck!

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