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I was at a cookout this past weekend, watching my kiddos play with a pack of kids, when out of nowhere I hear someone say, “I am pretty sure that there are no more bicycles made in the United States”.  My ears perked up. As you know, I have a special talent for finding “Made in USA”.

I turn around and behind me is my hubby and a new friend  in deep discussion about mountain bikes and road bikes. They each brought up a couple of company names, and agreed  that those companies had moved overseas or no longer existed (they were correct). They could not think of any American bicycle makers.  Of course, I was suddenly obsessed and when I got home I began my search for bicycles made in the USA.  Here is what I found.

**Thanks for all of the American made tips in the comment section! We update this list at least once a year, so keep the suggestions coming!

This made in USA bicycle list is mentioned in the Industry Week article, Bike Production Shifts Gear and Rolls Back to the US!


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The Rackcycle Bike Rack

The made in USA Grassracks Rackcycle bike rack is crafted from strong, solid 1/2” bamboo and can hold up to 65 pounds. The Rackcycle bike rack even has a convenient shelf that can be used for holding keys, purse, wallet, and utility hooks that can hold jackets, or helmets.  The Grassracks mission is to create amazing, high quality products and offer them at a fair price. The Rackcycle is Eco friendly. It is built to last from natural bamboo, and all Grassracks storage products are finished with whey protein (a by product of cheese making) based wood finishing from Vermont Natural Coatings.

The Rackcycle Bike Rack by Grassracks |made in USA

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The ultimate American made bicycle source guide: Trikes, road, tandem, cyclocross, mountain, street, BMX, tandem, cruiser


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  1. Thanks for the list — my son leaves for college next year and he’ll definitely need a bike to get around campus!
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  2. Very cool! I’ve been looking for my kids for quite some time, and this list definitely helps!

  3. Trek makes its high-end bikes and all bikes for its racing teams in Wisconsin. It’s less expensive bikes are built elsewhere.

    • Unfortunately the majority of Trek bikes now carry a big “Made in China” sticker slapped across the head tube.

    • American made Libertarian says:

      I had a Trek bike, however, since the owners are left wing, I sold it. I don’t want to know what a company is politically, but if the owners are going to alienate 50% of their customers, they’ll be hurt…

      • hippywarrior says:

        Dang I wish I knew you because I would have been proud to have it. I own three mostly made in the USA treks and will never part with them. By the way 50% alienation sounds a bit like a political pipe dream.

      • Good grief. Not supporting a manufacturer of some American made products because of political affiliation? You are truly pathetic.

      • El Vengador says:

        Right… Make ‘Merica great again!

    • Bil Danielson says:

      The vast majority of Trek/Bontrager branded goods (hard and soft) are mfd outside of U.S. and then imported back to be margined up hugely (the outrageous sticker prices create the margins they need to run their bloated altruistic Waterloonatic operations and political activism). It’s very difficult to know for sure due to the proprietary nature of things, plus the marketing b.s. companies like Trek spew, but I believe it is safe to conclude that only the highest end carbon frames and highest end carbon wheel rims are made in U.S. by Trek in Waterloo, WI. Thus, it’s perfectly accurate to state that none of Treks complete bikes are 100% made in USA. And most of their bikes are 100% made outside of USA. Remember a bike is an assembled compilation of frame, drivetrain components (cog sets, chain rings, chain, shifters, cables, housing, derailluers (mechanical and electronic), rims, spokes, hubs (wheelsets), tires and tubes, seats and posts, handlebars, forks, stem, and accessories. This is not to say their products are inferior, I still ride two Trek bikes and my spouse rides a Trek mtb as well. I used to be a much bigger fan, but due to several unnerving encounters with key Trek management staff and learning a great deal about the company’s political activism I have simply moved on. Far too many other great options out there from which to choose, and generally speaking Trek is way over-priced. Buying US made only isn’t my primary concern as in this day and age it is literally impossible to purchase a 100% U.S. made bicycle that is comparible, state-of-the-art-wise. Quality and cost combined with timely service (plus the corporate ethos) matters to me most, and although Trek makes some (clearly not all) quality projects, there are equally as good (and clearly better) products in the marketplace at a lower cost to the consumer. I do appreciate the listing of (mostly) US made bikes, but frankly I seriously doubt any are truly 100% with all components taken into consideration.

      • ColnagoC50 says:

        The only “political activism” I am aware of from Trek is that they advocate for cycling in the US. The only reason that is “political” is because big oil, big coal companies have the politicians in their pocket.

  4. Holly E says:

    Sweet! I am planning on getting a new bike for the summer and I am so glad I have this American-made list. Thanks for letting me know about these great companies.

  5. md Kennedy says:

    Wow! With so many American bike makers, there is certainly no need whatsoever to buy a cheesy foreign-made one. Thanks for the sources.

  6. Shinola’s are “assembled” in Detroit, from parts from elsewhere (read: China).

    • Shinola frames are made in Waterford, WI at the Waterford Precision Cycles factory. For the most part, the frame is the focus of the above list. If you want to use that that logic, then any bike with a Shimano part would be merely “assembled” in the U.S. It’s about as American made as you can get without going completely custom on every part.

  7. so, what about kids’ bikes?

    • Tracey Hanson says:

      Hi Jamie- It’s a year later and I’m still looking for American made kids’ bikes to add to the list!

      • BCA from Kent bikes sells bikes at Walmart that are assembled in the US. That is probably as close as we can get, for now.

  8. makes both electric and regular bicycles here in Florida. I am a customer, not an owner/employee.

    • Tracey Hanson says:

      Thank you Perry! I am doing the update now and I added them to the list!

      • Hi Tracey: Thanks so much for putting this together. I’m the founder of Organic Transit and we build the ELF in the US. Legally an electric bike, the ELF is a Solar/Pedal Hybrid built entirely in North Carolina. We’ve delivered 800 units in 3 years and they’ve covered 3 million miles!

      • Prodeco Tech advertises its bikes as “Built in the USA”. A few years ago, I ordered one of their bikes which was not delivered as promised. After the second promised ship date passed I spoke to an employee (not a salesman, but a grunt who answered the phone after normal business hours). He stated they were waiting for the cargo containers from China. I asked how could that be if the bikes were”Built in the USA” and he stated that the bikes were partially assembled and adjusted in the Florida which justifies their claim that they are “Built” in the USA, but of course they import essentially complete bikes manufactured in China. I cancelled the order the next business day. Unless you can independently verify that today they actually manufacture bikes in the USA, it is my opinion they should not be included on a list of “Made in the USA” products especially since they themselves only claim “Built in the USA”.

  9. John Sotherland is a frame builder in Whitewater Wisconsin has a long history with Schwinn, Waterford, and Rivendell. He is now building under his own name – Sotherland Custom Bicycles in Whitewater Wisconsin where he owns a bicycle shop.


    Bowery Lane Bikes are made in NYC

  11. Canneddirt says:

    There is a Detroit bike manufacturer: Detroit Bikes. It appears they make the frame, wheels and rack. They seem pretty sturdy.

  12. Detroit Bikes are made in West Detroit. ProdecoTech builds electric bikes in Florida, some with USA made frames.

  13. Aren’t Yolo bikes made in USA?

  14. I believe this is also a custom bike builder – made in the USA.

  15. Kathleen Charles says:

    Thanks so very much for this made-in-the-USA bike list!!!

  16. Constance says:

    Was going to say you left off the awesome Bike Friday (perfect for a college student) and the touring bike company Co-Motion, but someone mentioned them. Also, Bent Up Cycles in No Hollywood CA makes a carbon- framed bike in his back room called the Carbent. Great bike for racing long distance.

  17. Wald baskets are made in Maysville, KY.

  18. The Bike Man says:

    Thanks for the nice article. I am afraid that you missed several US frame builders. These are true craftspeople who take pride in their work. Let’s please make this list longer, and highlight these wonderful people!

    Here’s some links that highlight US builders:

  19. Here in Chattanooga,TN, we have more than just Litespeed. We have Linksey:, the people who started Litespeed; Moccasin Bend Bikes:; Cysco Cycles:; and Silent Cycles:

    Bikes are alive and well in the Scenic City! Glad you made this list. It gives a chance to check out what is built here in the U.S.

  20. Please add Kelson bikes in Ashton, Idaho to your list! Brian does a phenomenal job on custom bicycles!

  21. Wonderful indeed!!
    Sick with stickers like made in China! The list will help out to choose a bike made in USA. Though wondering for sometime to custom build one.

    Thanks for the list

  22. “My aim is to build frames that do not hold the rider back from the highest level of performance and enjoyment. The trophies in my shop were not won at bike shows…they were won at races all over the U.S.A. While I have a background in art and have built some fairly elaborate frames, my strong suit is building straight forward performance machines for people who really like to ride. That is the way it has been pretty much since the completion of that first frame in the summer of 1978.”

    -Paul Sadoff, Rock Lobster Cycles, Santa Cruz, California

  23. Wanted to add a few to the list…

    Civilian Bikes

    Kinn Bikes in Portland, OR

    Pasadena Cycle Manufacturing Company (really nice guy who created a totally new pedal mount…check it out!)

  24. Don’t forget Firefly Bikes – made in Boston.

  25. Been looking at 7 spd hybrid cruisers. The 3G brand says it born in California, but are they currently made in the USA? Also trying to spend closer to 300-350. Any recommendations?

  26. KestrelBike says:

    S&M Bikes is an American manufacturer of BMX bikes since 1987. They’ve had some goofy names for their bikes, such as the widowmaker, the Challenger (for dirt-racing only, because riding street would make it break up like the space shuttle), and the Holmes (named after the porn star). They’re internationally renowned in the BMX world, and obviously rider-owned. Their sponsored riders regularly win competitions such as in the X-Games. Basically all of the parts they produce are made in their warehouse in Santa Ana, California. (one of their old slogans was “Made right here in the US of A by Mexicans.”)

  27. Great list — who knew that there were so many?!
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  28. We build Zen Bike Co bikes as well as frames for some of the brands on your list in Portland , Oregon

  29. Standard Byke

  30. Also check out Slingshot bikes in Grand Rapids, MI.

  31. macandts says:

    Last time I checked CoMotion Bicycles were still made in Eugene, Oregon – not Colorado. Dean Bicycles are made in Boulder, Colorado – an excellent titanium frame maker.

  32. American made Libertarian says:

    I love love to find a good family bike, we (wife, me and the kids) love to bike, but we can’t find any American made kids bikes. I might have to start a bike company. Crowdfunding is a good way to raise funds…

    • BCA from Kent Bicycles makes a BMX bikes that sells at Walmart for under $100. Many of the components are from outside the US, however. Worksman makes Adult Dutchie bikes that are shipped to your house and starting under $500. Expensive, I know, but at least you can then customize them.

  33. Independent Fab is in NH!

  34. fitwellbikes in minneapolis mn

  35. Mark McDaniel says:

    I just found your website while looking for bikes. The site says, “American Made.” Can you tell us if the bikes are actually and completely, “Made in America?” or are they like so many other products that advertise this and what you actually sell is “assembled in america.” That is the parts all being made elsewhere and only assembled in the USA. If assembled only, I’ll keep looking elsewhere. Thanks.

  36. Bronson Silva Cycles are handmade in Campbell, CA

  37. John Smith says:

    These prices are ridiculous. Don’t they make any entry level bikes at an affordable cost? MY GOD… it’s like any adult sized non-cruiser bike doesn’t drop under 2 GRAND! Even the cruisers don’t drop under $600. No body has that kind of money for a bike… a friken bike just in case you didn’t hear me the first time.

    • As my fabricator told me, “We’re a bunch of white guys with 401K’s. No we can’t compete with China.”
      You’ve been spoiled by cheap foreign labor on EVERYTHING. If you want an American made bike, expect to pay an American labor price for it.

  38. Ventana mountain bikes.

  39. Ralph Davis says:

    I’m trying to find an affordable kids bike for my grandson that’s made in the USA, any suggestions?

  40. Vassago is a 10 year old fabricator of 29’r hardtail mountain bike frames.

    I found this list by accident but I’m so glad I did. Both of my mountain bike frames are Made in USA – it’s important to me and I’m glad to see so many neighbors sharing this sentiment.

  41. I believe the American Bicycle Group is the parent company of LiteSpeed, and they also make Quintana Roo triathlon bikes.

  42. Wow I’m thinking of getting a bike for this upcoming season, and I want to check out these sites. Not just go to a couple of sports stores, this is wonderful!

  43. My nephew is definitely a huge fan of bike riding and does it often. I will show him this super list.

  44. Masi bikes are also made in USA and they have a good range of road bikes.

  45. Masi bikes are made in USA with a good range of road bikes.

  46. also check out nice frames made in michigan

  47. Erik Newquist says:

    There is a new bicycle frame builder in Putney, Vermont called Seneca Cycle Works. Very nice bikes!!

  48. Thanks for your great work….Take a look at this list of US mountain bikes & parts, This guy has been maintaining this list for several years…

  49. I think specialized is made in california.

  50. Mike Brensinger says:

    FBM bikes is a BMX company out of Ithica NY. Rider owned, operated and built. They also make custom frames from BMX to single speed fixed gear.

  51. janelle knutson says:

    what about bikes made for kids, to ride for play.

  52. loved the lost, but man, the prices are so high! 8k a bike…

  53. Tracey, thanks for including Renovo Hardwood Bicycles on the list. As I write this, our Portland, Oregon shop is making bikes to take to the Interbike show in Las Vegas this September. We’ve been engineering and making bikes since 2007–right here in the USA!


    And their fully custom brand

    Made in Columbus, OH

  55. Just FYI Catrike recumbent trikes definitely have handlebars–otherwise riders couldn’t steer, shift, or brake. They are beside the rider’s legs.

  56. Lightning recumbents P-38 and R-84 are made in the USA.

  57. Calfee Design makes carbon fiber tandems and road bikes in Santa Cruz, California.

  58. Wow, I’m delighted to see so many companies manufacturing bikes here in the US!

  59. I’m thrilled to see so many companies manufacturing bikes here in the US!

  60. Just to be clear, everyone should know that about 99% of the manufacturers on this list only produce very high end(read expensive) bikes for adults. Bikes for small kids are not their market, at all.

    Trek should be on this list-they are literally the ONLY major bike brand(and the largest brand now in the world) to actually still continue to do US production-again, only on very high end bikes.

  61. Thanks for sharing the list of American made bikes. Don’t get confused to pick the best sport bike for you. Click here to get the more information about your dream sport bike.

  62. HIA (Here In America) is a brand new company based out of Little Rock, AR. All parts of the bike are made right there in LR! No outsourcing. Amazing company with even more amazing people!!

  63. has been making custom build bikes for over 10 years in Orange Ca.

  64. Couple of more to add to the list. Bruce Gordon is a legend. His frames are made in Petaluma, California.

    David Kirk is another well respected frame builder in Bozeman, MT.

  65. Heather W. says:

    Thank you for this fantastic list of all things made in the US of A.
    Here is one more to add for USA made bikes: Bicycle Corporation of America.
    CBS recently featured their story about moving their production back to the US. The story made me search for other bikes made here and voila, I found your site. 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

  66. You mat have forgotten the oldest USA bike manufacturer Worksman Cycles.

  67. Appleman Bicycles in Minnesota builds custom carbon fiber frames from all US sourced materials!

  68. Confused says:

    What about Spot Brand Cycles? They claim to build there bikes out of Colorado? Also,…Shinola Bikes? Isn’t Shinola and fecale matter the same things? There’s a lot to be said in a name. I don’t see myself owning something named after Sh!t anytime soon.

  69. Confused says:

    Oh, and how about Strong Frames in Butte Montana? Been following his career for some time now.

  70. Confused says:

    Oh, and how about Titus or Niner Bikes? Aren’t they American Made? Please help me out here…thanks

  71. Hi. there are several bike brands in Boulder Colorado that are not on this list:

    Lenz Sport Bikes
    Zinn Cycles
    Paketa Bikes
    Mosaic Cycles
    Nobilette Cycles
    DEAN bikes

    Hopefully you can add them? Thank you!!

  72. You should add to your list Sage Titanium. Based out of Portland I believe. Higher end Cyclocross bikes.

  73. Love your list, I had to say, Thank You for this list, recently I have bought a Hybrid Bikes from

  74. Im not sure which models but I know Trek makes some of there bikes in the US

  75. Baltimore says:

    Chris Bishop, Bishop Bikes
    Baltimore, MD, USA

  76. Great looking bikes!

  77. Laurel Shaw says:

    I read the article and down through the comments. I didn’t see this one listed but I may have missed it.

    Custom women’s bikes made in VT – Georgena Terry (apparel made in USA)

  78. Bike Friday makes cool travel and folding bikes in Oregon.

  79. I love this list. I am not finding affordable options for kids that will grow out of that size within a year-18mo.

  80. Hi Tracey,
    Our bikes are actually made in Austin, TX at our headquarters.
    Thanks for including us!

  81. We hand-build all of our bicycle wheels (Rolf Prima Wheel Systems) in Eugene, Oregon. And you left off a big US bike manufacture here in Oregon – Co-Motion Cycles.

  82. Good tip, Chris… Thanks!
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  83. Tracey Hanson says:

    Thanks Chris! I am updating this article for a repost and added Bike Friday.

  84. Tracey Hanson says:

    Hi Vince! Thanks for the heads up! Sorry I didn’t notice this before. I changed the location. We are reposting this article next week and making updates and additions. 🙂

  85. Tracey Hanson says:

    Thanks Brooke! I added Rolf Prima to our bike gear and accessories source guide.

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