Why Facial Oil is Trending and which Made in USA brands you can trust


Using facial oil is gaining momentum as an ideal facial treatment and moisturizer.  While it is not a new concept, it is becoming more mainstream, but  many people are still skeptical.  The idea of oils in facial care became a big no-no because of the mineral oil debate,  so much so that the benefits of the great, healthy oils were overlooked and banished because “oil” had become taboo. I’m here to tell you why you should give them a try and which American made facial oils you can trust.


  • Environmental damage protection.
  • Easily absorbed.
  • Increased luminosity
  • Fast delivery of vitamins and antioxidants with added botanicals.


100% Pure Facial Oil, this is from the 100% Pure line which is all natural and free of all chemicals, preservatives, colorants, and artificial fragrance.  This product has a high quantity of Gamma Linolenic Acid, natural oils for healthy skin promotion.


Derma E Hydrating Facial Oil is largely Argan and Morula Oil, both powerful anti-aging oils.  Derma E uses active ingredients, no filler and no harmful toxins.


Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil by Sunday Riley is a blend of superfood seed oils.  This will act as a rich anti-oxidant treatment while hydrating and smoothing your face.


People worry that adding oil to already oily skin will be terrible.  Here is the thing about cosmetic oils.  The molecular makeup is small enough to be breathable on your skin, easily absorbed, deeply penetrating and not clogging pores but protecting and nourishing the skin.  Rich oils preserved the skin of women with all skin types for centuries, leaving  them beautiful and youthful skin.


  • You do not have to give up your other favorite products, you can layer your moisturizer with the facial oil.
  •  A little goes a long way.  Use in terms of drops.

I personally love facial oil.  People with very sensitive eyes may find this works around the delicate area as well.  It is perfect for keeping away fine lines in this troublesome area.

What skin care trends are you trying?  Something new or something old, I want to hear about it.

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Post by Angie Barnes

Angie Barnes is a Beauty and Style Editor showcasing American made products in her realistic advice, practical routines and reviews. She also serves up professional makeup and skin care services as a Licensed Esthetician in a busy salon.


  1. My daily face moisturizer is from Derma E. Love it. Great brand for those of us with sensitive skin.
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  2. I just tried facial oil for the first time — Gold Elements by Premier Dead Sea. I was nervous my skin would be greasy, but it was actaully amazing. HUGE convert!
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  3. I buy different oils in larger quantities and mix them. I mix argan oil with rose hip oil and add a little carrot oil. For the first year of doing this it did increase my blackheads, but then my skin normalized and the blackheads went away. I absolutely love it because I think my skin is much better now. I doesn’t fee dry like it used to and I think it is helping with reducing the appearance of wrinkles. I also like using products that are natural and preservative free.

  4. Oh, you guys always know the way to my heart! Great topic, great post.
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  5. Maryann D. says:

    I love using Facial Oils. Derma e makes great products!

  6. Jill Homiak says:

    I like to use facial oil as a substitute for night time cream.

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