We've rounded up the best duffel bags for college Made in the USA. Whether you’re headed to the classroom, gym, or airport, these American-made duffle bags get an A+ for college student use. Keep reading to learn more and discover our USA Love List recommendations!

Is it “duffle” or “duffel?” It’s both! While American English traditionally spells the word d-u-f-f-e-l, our British and Australian friends contribute the “l-e” ending. Today you’ll find the word spelled both ways in English. I’ll be switching back and forth between the two spellings in this article, depending on how each business uses the word.

Best American-Made Duffle Bags for College Students

Personal experience has taught me that when it comes to buying luggage and duffle bags for college students, spending more money and buying USA-made products are the only way to go.

Case in point: when my son was in college, his university orchestra traveled to Europe to perform concerts and do some sightseeing. Before traveling, he was instructed to pack light for the trip, so we grabbed what we thought was a durable but lightweight duffle bag from our local big box store. Sadly, midway through the trip, that duffle bag ripped. Between paying a lot of money for another, smaller duffle and his having to borrow space in a friend’s suitcase, we were very frustrated.

Several years later, my daughter took a college trip to Romania, and we bought a duffle bag manufactured in the United States. Not only did it hold up for her trip, but she also used it on two other trips, plus she carried nursing scrubs and other supplies in it for classes.

Based on our family’s experience, I fervently recommend buying an American-made duffle bag for your college-bound student. You’ll find stylish bags in a number of colors, trims, and uses. Even more, the duffle bags we recommend are right on trend. Still, you’ll want to think about how your student will be using the duffle bag.

Why Buy A Duffel Bag Instead of Luggage?

Duffel bags have been around for centuries. They’re cylinder-shaped bags that originally came from the Belgian town of Duffel and grew in popularity during World War II. These original bags were made from canvas similar to that used on ship sails due to their durability. Duffel bags are popular because their design enables them to hold a lot of materials. A duffel bag is a strong, reliable, weather-resistant alternative to bulky suitcases and trunks. Extra pockets are usually sewn into them for quick access to materials such as toiletries, travel documents, and smartphones. Another great quality about duffel bags is they can store rather easily in lockers. For these reasons, we confidently recommend duffel bags for college made in the USA.

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What to Consider When Buying an American-Made Duffle Bags for College

While it’s obvious that duffle bags are made for storing clothing and other personal items, consider other important aspects of this necessary college tool.

Consider Use

How will your student use the duffle bag? Some will use the duffle bag for the gym, while other students competing on athletic teams will use them for sporting events. Students will use them for travel as well. Maybe they’ll take short trips and will need only a weekend bag, or maybe they’ll head to other countries like my kids did and need much more durable bags or bags in different sizes. Some students will choose to give their duffle bags more everyday use, carrying them more like backpacks or messenger bags. They will want a built-in padded laptop sleeve. Students who like to spend time outdoors need waterproof materials. And when they’re not in use, students will want their duffle bags to store easily without taking up too much space.

Consider Features

Most duffle bags are long and narrow in shape, although some will have rounded ends while others will appear more like a rectangle. All duffle bags have top handles for carrying. Some of the carry handles are straps, while others might be wrapped in leather or other fabric for ease of carrying. Some of the duffle bags come with a detachable shoulder strap, while others provide them for an added fee. Duffle bags come with other features such as interior pockets, a bottom compartment, or even shoe compartments. Still others have unique features such as pockets for holding your favorite insulated coffee mug. While you want to consider these important features, you also have options for personal preference, such as color, size, or pattern.

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Consider Durability

One of the greatest qualities about duffle bags made in the USA is that they’re extremely durable. Manufacturers pay attention to the small details when they select their materials. They choose marine-grade fabrics, strong, water-resistant nylon or canvas, leather, and/or materials used in the armed forces. They hand-pick sturdy zippers and snaps. Most often they sew double seams for added strength. Most, if not all of the companies provide a generous warranty on materials and construction. Not only is the warranty a promise, but it’s also a belief that you’re choosing the best duffle bag on the market.

Why Buy Made in the USA Duffle Bags?

Simply said, the best duffle bags are those manufactured in the USA. They should last a long time because attention is given to every aspect of production. If you have a problem with your product, you will be able to reach out to a real person as opposed to an automated system. Many of the companies we list are smaller businesses that desire to offer a quality product to the public while employing other American workers earning a fair wage. For all these reasons, you won’t regret buying USA-made duffel bags.

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Best Duffel Bags for College Made in the USA

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Best Duffel Bags for College Students all Made in USA!
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