The long list of “rules” for how to wear red lipstick can be daunting. Between that and the hundreds of red hues available, it's no shock that few bare the bold red lip. Shade selection is where it can get overwhelming with all the talk of warm and cool skin tone versus the undertones of the lip colors.

How to Wear Red Lipstick

When shopping for a made in USA red lipstick you can eliminate several of the options since they are imported and contain who knows what, slimming your choices right off the top. Now, among the American made lipstick options, even with all the shade selecting advice in the world, the only way to know if it really works for you is by putting it on.

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Remember, if you get a tube that you don't care for, it's not a lost cause. Try layering it with something you already have, or applying some gloss over it to soften it up. Here's a tip: all L'Oreal lipstick is made in the USA so choosing a red from one of their lines is a great place to start.

Application basics for wearing red lipstick:

  1. Even your complexion with foundation before applying.
  2. Keep eyes subtle or neutral in color.
  3. Make sure your lips are hydrated; chapped lips do not wear color well.
  4. Line lips to prevent feathering of lipstick.

You don't have to match a red liner to the lipstick. Opt for a liner in the shade nearest to your skin tone or clear. If you needed added insurance to keep the lipstick from bleeding, use a little concealer around your lips to act as a block.

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Have fun and play with your look a little. Remember that a little mixing and matching may be in order to get the look you are after. As a makeup artist, I can tell you mixing and making custom shades is often how the best look is achieved.

Ulta stocks L'OREAL red lipstick too.

Add this classic look of love to your repertoire and try your red lip tonight!

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