Baking With Kids: Halloween Sugar Cookies Made With Love, and American Made Baking Supplies

Decorating Halloween cookies with frosting: American Made Baking Supplies

One of our favorite things to do in the Hanson house on a day off from school is bake together. Today, Sophie and I decided to bake some Halloween sugar cookies with American made supplies.

baking cookies

 The American baking supplies we used for our Halloween sugar cookies included:

My BFF- the KitchenAid Stand Mixer, made in Greenville Ohio since 1941.

MainStays slide off non stick cookie sheets made in the USA and found at Walmart. No need to grease these cookie sheets, the cookies really do just slide off!

Ceresota Unbleached  Flour made from wheat grown and milled in the United States, has been a baking staple for over 100 years. I usually buy Heckers, which has the same exact bag, and is owned by the same company.

Made in Vermont Ann Clark Ltd cookie cutters with Halloween designs- bat, ghost and haunted house, pumpkin, candy corn and a leaf.

Cake Mate Halloween Colors Writing Icing and orange crystals from Signature Brands Llc, for decorating.

Making, baking and decorating sugar cookies is a day long event at our house.  We used Martha Stewart’s Ideal Sugar Cookies recipe which I found on Pinterest.

First we made the cookie dough.

cookie dough

Sophie loves pouring the ingredients into the bowl!  The curved handle on this Tupperware measuring cup makes it easier for her small hand to hold- and it’s  made in the USA!


One of the many things I have learned when baking with my kids- I can’t take my eyes off of them for a second! Even when I think they are old enough to have learned, I still catch them adding “more ingredients”.  This has lead to some very interestingly flavored cookies in the past, and can be dangerous if the mixer is running when they decide to “help”.

When all the ingredients were added and the dough was formed, we wrapped it in plastic and stuck it in the fridge for a few hours to firm up. Tip: If you are limited for time, stick it in the  freezer for about 20 minutes or so.

cutting cookiesAfter a couple of hours in the fridge, the dough was easier to work with. We  rolled it out on a VERY floured surface, and even made sure there was flour sprinkled on top AND rubbed on the rolling pin. The more flour the better, so the cookie dough doesn’t stick.

ovenreadySophie was so proud of her work when the first batch was ready for the oven!

By the time all of the cookies were baked and cooled, Logan was home from a visit with Granny, and eager to help with the decorating!

decoratingMy kiddos usually spend more time eating the decorating supplies than they do actually decorating. The fact that this frosting was in a tube, curbed some of that eating.


A sample of the final masterpieces, which are totally Pinterest worthy!

Halloween Sugar Cookies Recipe with made in USA Supplies


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  1. Tracey, is that your little cutie? Adorable.
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  2. So adorable. Always loved baking with the kids!
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  3. We have an extensive cookie cutter selection. Love baking this time of year!
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  4. Sugar cookies are always a nice treat! Even better when the kids help making them. I love Halloween treats.

  5. This is a great post, baking with American made supplies is wonderful. The cookies look delicious. thank you for sharing this post.

  6. Nice!!! I love Ann Clark cookie cutters, I’ve gotten them for gifts and I love the website, too. I still need to get better at decorating those cute cookies – I’d like to have a cookie decorating party with my spring cookie cutters!!! everything from wateringcans to tulips. And it all is great knowing they are made in USA.

  7. I love making and eating sugar cookies. So nice reading about these American made supplies.

  8. Dorothy Hubbard says:

    Some of the best memories you can make with your kids is in the kitchen teaching them the basics. And letting them know the importance of American Made.

  9. Love my KitchenAid, nice to know it is made in the USA. Those cookies are adorable!

  10. I love baking sugar cookies with my son. How fun 🙂 I love these pumpkins! I will have to look for some Fall cookie cutters 🙂
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  11. my favorite time of year and love doing this with the kids!

  12. I LOVE my Kitchen Aid mixer. One of the best gifts I’ve ever received!
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  13. These cookies seem like such fun to make. All of the products would be terrific to try also!

  14. I love halloween sugar cookies!

  15. Tamra Phelps says:

    The cookies look great. They’re making me crave something sweet.

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