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Spring Forward with American Made Style

This year, spring beauty trends are are all fairly wearable and easily translated into your everyday life. Many things are borrowed from other eras this season. The spring vibe is relaxed and reminiscent of the the easy going beauty looks of the 70’s.

You will spot the items below popping up everywhere as retailers get us ready for spring. Our featured products capture the look using made in the USA beauty supplies by some of the industry’s top beauty brands. This makes them easier to find for almost everyone.

Beachy waves. A nearly effortless hair style. One of the very few wash and wear hairstyles that actually looks like you tried. Use blow Pro Beach Blow Texturizing Mist  to spray, scrunch and go.  Spring style with a Summer flair.

Glowing skin. The secret to the glowing and dewy face is good skin health and hydration. Regular exfoliation, moisturizer and a little help from modern BB cream doesn’t hurt at all. Keep skin healthy with sunscreen and don’t skip nightly face washing.  Apply Tarte BB Tinted Treatment  to freshly cleansed skin or on top of your regular moisturizer.

Bold brows. The eyebrow is the frame of your face. Too much plucking and waxing can lead to an overly thin brow line over time. Fill your brows in a bit.  Keep them in place with a waxy brow product.  It will hold your brows in place and fills in sparse areas. Keep it natural by using small, short, strokes.  Avoid drawing a single line. Try Smashbox Brow Tech .

Metallic lids. The easiest way to get this look is with a cream eye shadow. They are plentiful this season. Cream shadow is long-lasting and goes on so simply; what a time saver! Get this one: Maybelline Color Tattoo.

Berry Lips. A springtime look for the lips will add a pop of color. Just what you have been waiting for after long winter. Lip stain sticks and sheer color balms are saturating the commercials and store shelves. They have a bright pop without being thick or heavy. Get the look with Revlon Just Bitten (note: this product is manufactured in the US of both foreign and domestic parts. Others of its kind are mostly made entirely overseas)

Manicures are still at the fore front of fashion and beauty. Gray is my favorite pale pick of the season. It’s versatile and breaks away from the average “ballet slipper” shade of pale. Deborah Lippmann Waking Up in Vegas (gray, creme) fits the bill perfectly. For less of the pale and more slate, try the new shade by Deborah Lippmann, Moon Renedezvous.

Looking to create any other looks for spring? Let me know the look and I will search my sources for the best American made product to the results you desire.

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Post by Angie Barnes

Angie Barnes is a Beauty and Style Editor showcasing American made products in her realistic advice, practical routines and reviews. She also serves up professional makeup and skin care services as a Licensed Esthetician in a busy salon.


  1. I like the more slatey grays that are in right now and I'm glad to see that's spreading into beauty from fashion and decor!

  2. md kennedy says:

    Still haven't trie dthe grey manicure yet, but will next week!

  3. md kennedy says:

    I am so wanting to try grey nail polih even though I rarely polish my nails!

  4. md kennedy says:

    Always been a fan of berry lips – particularly stains that don’t dry out your lips. I’ll try Just Bitten…

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