I'm so excited to share a bunch of fantastic finds that are both eco-friendly and American-made for the next time you need to buy baby shower gifts. We've always said that gifts are a great opportunity to buy U.S. made products, but knowing where your gift came from is even more important when buying for a brand new baby.

Why buying American-made baby shower gifts is IMPORTANT:

Turn on the 6'oclock news and you hear that, yet again, toys made in China are been recalled for containing lead or other hazardous chemicals. Open a newspaper and you see reports that BPA, a chemical found in some types of plastics, has been found to cause yet more health problems. Parents of today are constantly hearing about how hazardous one thing or another is to their children. Because of this, more and more parents are conscious of what is in the items that their babies are exposed to and are purchasing natural  or “green” products. Our list of products are all made from natural, minimally processed materials with the thought that these items limit exposure to hazardous chemicals.

When researching for this post I checked the “Top Sellers” baby item list at Babies R Us online. It is hard to find an item even made in the USA – definitely none of the items in the top 10 at the time this was written. It is also very time consuming as this site does not even list where an item is made!

With a little searching, however, I was able to find great baby items that are ALL made in the USA and Eco and baby friendly.  One of our missions at USA Love List is to make it EASIER for you to buy American so save it, share it, pin it, or post it. Here you go…

USA Love List's 6 great green baby shower gift ideas that are made in the USA.

1. Wooden Teethers.  These wooden teethers are hand made in Ohio from locally sourced woods and are finished with an organic flax seed oil if a finish is preferred. Hardwood is a natural anti-microbial and is a popular natural teether material.  Choose from: a fawn, hippo, giraffe and even a boomerang rattle teether.

2. A lead-free pewter spoon and spork feeding set. A pewter spoon and spork set is a gift that will last and will be passed down through generations. Say no to plastic feeding utensils that need to be replaced with wear. There are several designs to choose from and all are handcrafted and made in America.

3. ***BECO BABY NO LONGER MANUFACTURES ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS IN THE USA! ****A baby carrier from Beco Baby. Baby carriers are becoming a popular baby registry item. The Gemini from Beco Baby is made in the US from organic cotton. The Gemini is comparable in style to the popular ERGObaby carrier which is not made in the USA.

4. Cloth Diapers. Cloth diapering is gaining in popularity and cloth diapers are not like they used to be! No more folding and pinning as cloth diapers of today use velcro or snaps to stay in place. Some moms choose to cloth diaper to keep disposables out of landfills and some choose to go cloth to keep the chlorine and absorbent chemicals away from their babies skin.  My favorite brands are Thirsties (pictured) and Goodmama, both made in America and Kissaluvs that are made from fabrics manufactured in the US.

5. An animal themed painting.  These adorable paintings by Rhode Island resident Julia Riordan Scherer will make a colorful addition to any nursery! Choose from print or canvas. All prints are printed using environmentally friendly low v.o.c. ink. A small percentage of each sale is donated to the ASPCA, an organization that helps prevent animal cruelty through out the US.

6. A gift basket from America's Best Organics. Every gift basket from America's Best Organics contains organic and eco-friendly items that are made in the USA. There are several baby shower themed baskets to choose from. This one includes gifts for both baby and mom.

Keep these in mind next time you receive a Baby Shower invitation or need to get a gift for a new parent and are looking for made in the USA baby items that are Earth and baby friendly!

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