Back in March (and right in time for my birthday!), I finally got what I had wanted for years- a home makeover which included new flooring throughout the whole house!!!

kitchen floor2

My kitchen floor was vintage 1970s orange/yellow linoleum….


….and the carpeting that was in in every other room was beyond embarrassing. It was wrinkling up everywhere! I found out (after the damage was done, of course) that this is from steam cleaning.  Sorry,  but with two little kiddos, and the messes that go along with them like potty learning and stomach sicknesses,  this germ a phobe wouldn't have held back on the steam cleaning anyway!

The hubby found American made laminate flooring by Mohawk that fit our price range. I picked the color I liked and we ordered enough to do every room on the main floor (minus the bathrooms).

It is absolutely AMAZING what a difference new flooring makes!! I keep telling everyone I have a new home, because that's exactly what it looks and feels like!

kitchen after

The runner rug that we found (OK, the hubby found it and he did a great job picking it out!) for the kitchen is made in the USA by Orian Rugs.  The mat that I stand on when I am preparing food is the New Life Mat from Gel Pro. It is American made and Eco-friendly as it's made from renewable plant based materials as opposed to petroleum based ones. It is unbelievable how comfortable it is to stand on!!


The rug in the living room is by Mohawk and is also made in the USA. It adds tons of color to the room!

A big thing that the hubby and I learned with this project- it IS possible to use American made products when improving your home and NOT break the bank!

We found both the Orian rug and the Mohawk rug at our local Lowes.  The New Life mat was given to me by Gel Pro, but given to me or not, I have my own opinions and I STILL love it!

Have you done a home makeover with American made products? Share some pictures with us at USA Love List and let us know what products you used!