Elegant & Easy: This is what I created when I got my hands on a jar of Rose Romano's.It was not long before my guests were going to arrive for a late summer cocktail party.  I had a nice pitcher of sangria ready and some veggies with dip.  I was staring out the window, wishing I had something else to offer when I heard the thunk of a package landing on the front porch. The moment I saw the logo of the Rose Romano's peppers I had been expecting, my creative wheels started spinning. With less than 30 minutes until the guests arrived, I tore open the lovely packaging, thumbed through the fabulous recipes, then looked in the fridge to see what I could make to share the new pepper topping with my guests.  I found a can of refrigerated bread dough, a container of shredded parmesan, some sliced almonds for a Roman touch, a bouquet of fresh basil and rosemary from my garden… like an Iron Chef I sprang into action.  Seriously, I should have had some theme music. Before the oven was preheated, I had made a tray full of roll-ups with a unique but familiar set of flavors. I felt like a genius.

Rose Romano's Italian Topping adds a gourmet touch to simple meals.The next day, I realized I still had plenty of Rose Romano's left – in fact, I still do because it goes a long way.   I was excited to try it because it is a new product, made and packaged in the USA, from locally sourced produce.  Founder Mashall Angotti was a dentist who wanted to develop a gourmet topping with Italian peppers like one he remembered from his youth.  What he created looks like a jar of spaghetti sauce, but the flavor is lighter with a sweet pepper tang. It also stretches farther than a jar of sauce because it is meant to accent food or pair with olive oil as a pasta sauce. Dr. Angotti created 30 recipes and ideas on how to use it. Each recipe allows you to prepare a dish in five minutes or less.  After a summer of indulgence, I also was glad to notice that it is incredibly low in calories and gluten-free.

Rose Romano's Gourmet Toppings are available for order on their website and also on Amazon.com. We've added it to the specialty food section in the USA Love List shop as well so you'll always be able to find it there. They are worthwhile to have on hand as a quick and easy way to get a gourmet quality meal on the table at the end of a busy day.

The Rose Romano's Giveaway

Rose Romano's offered USA Love List a beautifully packaged wooden gift crate loaded with four jars of their Italian pepper toppings and a lovely full-color recipe book for one of our readers. We're giving it away now to help you keep healthy meals on the table during this jam-packed time of year. There are a variety of entry options including opportunities for multiple daily entries. Good luck!

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