We all need cookware, and high-quality cookware can last a lifetime. Once and for all, for yourself or for a gift, choose a set of made in USA cookware. Investing in a set of American made pots & pans is a great way to support American manufacturing.

Our list of companies that have been offering made in the USA cookware has actually GROWN over the past two years. It is so exciting to see an American made product category increase in the number of made in USA products and companies available, as opposed to decreasing in size, as it often happens.

This list of made in the USA cookware will surely come in handy when you are ready to replace a set of pots & pans or just a piece here and there. Made in the USA cookware also makes great gifts for weddings, bridal showers, and housewarmings.

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Made in USA Cookware

Eco Friendly Cookware: 360 Cookware

360 Cookware heirloom quality cookware is handcrafted in the USA. It is manufactured in a Green E-Certified factory in West Bend, Wisconsin. 36o Cookware has been recognized by the EPA and they do not use any harsh chemicals while making the cookware or bakeware.

Imagine the possibility of reducing 6,000 calories per month just by changing your cookware! 360 Cookware's innovative, waterless pots and pans generate a vapor seal that perfectly distributes temperatures and re-directs the natural moisture back into the food. 360 Cookware is made of T-304 Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, so your food never comes into contact with non-stick coatings and other potentially-hazardous elements that can seep into your food. Made in USA Cookware Deal: Save 20% on your 360 Cookware order with promo code USALOVE

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Made in USA Cookware: Ultimate Source List for Pots & Pans

This list is constantly being updated, so check back often. Did we miss your favorite made in USA cookware company? Leave us a note in the comments section.

  • 1919 Cookware Collection is specially designed for home chefs to have quality kitchens tools on hand to enhance the cooking experience. Each 1919 Cookware piece is designed and manufactured to perfection in West Bend, Wisconsin. Made in USA Cookware Deal: 10% off 1919 Cookware with code USALOVE

1919 Cookware - American Made Cookware - 10% off 1919 Cookware with code USALOVE #cookware #madeinusa #cooking #cookware

Best Cookware: Made in USA pans by Lodge cast iron 

  • Made in factory direct professional cookware is made from American metals. Made in cookware is constructed with 5 layers of aluminum and steel.
  • Nest Homeware is based in Providence, Rhode Island. Nest cast iron cookware is bronze in color due to the flaxseed oil used in seasoning.
    Made in USA Cookware: Nest Homeware cast iron pans #usalovelisted
  • USA Pan is family owned and operated and manufactures professional quality cookware and bakeware in Wisconsin.
    Best Cookware: Made in USA pans by USA Pan #usalovelisted
  • Viking is well known for its appliances, especially its ranges. Viking also offers a line of made in USA stainless steel multi-ply professional cookware.
    Best Cookware: made in USA pans by Viking #usalovelisted
  • Wolf Gourmet multi-clad stainless steel cookware is designed and manufactured in the USA. Wolf is another company that is well known for its appliances. They are now venturing into cookware.

Made in USA Cookware Retailers

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