Adult acne is a nagging concern for an increasing number of women in their twenties, thirties and beyond.  At a certain point, fighting breakouts and clearing pimples starts to become complicated as we begin to think about anti aging.  Part of a great anti aging regimen is keeping your skin well hydrated which is hard to do with certain products designed to clear skin.  Some of these products clean too much and strip away your healthy barrier in the process.

For successful treatment of acne and pimples exfoliation is needed to accelerate the cell turn over.  Glycolic Acid is one of the smallest molecules that work to break down old cells.  Glycolic acid penetrates on a deeper level than some of the other enzyme exfoliant products.  This makes it the top choice when looking for an anti aging acne product that can help keep acne at bay, clear skin and fight wrinkles all at once.

Alpha Hydrox – gylcolic skin care.

Alpha Hydrox is a line rich in antioxidants and glycolic acid.  They carry some of  the highest percentages without a prescription, 8 – 14%, the only choice that high among drug store brands.  The price point is extremely low for the offering.  There are so many choices in skin care today.  Scientific breakthrough products, organic, all natural, the tried and true and the brand new.  It is a tough choice to select what is right for you when sifting through all the warnings, studies and reviews.   Ultimately you decide what is right for you, personally, based on your needs, concerns and price range.

Alpha Hydrox is a line built upon the foundation of skin care: things that women have relied on for years.  It's not the latest peptides or organic compounds but its scientific proof and simple formulations use the basic building blocks to great skin.

Alpha Hydrox – My personal experience.

The Foaming Face Wash is a soap free cleanser.  This cleanser is also oil free, PH balanced and fragrance free.  It gently washes away makeup and debris while stimulating cell turnover.  Foaming Face Wash left my skin with a very clean and toned feel and look.  As a sensitive skin person I did experience some pink throughout the cheeks but this is actually normal with AHA products.  Tightness, itching and burning are a sign of a sensitivity to AHA's and I did not experience that.

Enhanced Lotion Glycolic 10%.  This is the ideal lotion for a person with normal to dry skin that experiences minor breakouts.  It keeps fine lines from forming into deeper wrinkles and softens existing lines.  It is the perfect medium weight moisturizer for skin needing that extra barrier for protection against premature aging but isn't suffocating so breakouts can still clear quickly.  It kept my skin radiant and supple without feeling greasy.  I did rotate this lotion with a mild night cream that did not contain any AHA or other active anti aging ingredients to keep my sensitive skin calm and from becoming over stimulated.  I love how it completely absorbs and leaves such a smooth surface.

NOTE:  For those really struggling with breakouts they also offer this lotion in an oil free form which will still give you the anti aging properties but will allow easy air flow to the skin for faster healing.

Retinol ResQ .15%Pure Active Retinol.  This product is something I only used to spot treat breakouts as it is not recommended for sensitive skin users.  This is your treatment product.  While it works to accelerate the healing of pimples it acts as tightening and firming treatment.  When used as a treatment, use it before lotion and after cleansing.

Alpha Hydrox has many more items in their line up.  You can see the whole product range on their website,  If you are suffering on a more profound level from breakouts they have some very acne focused products as well.  Those products will not interfere with your anti aging routine but, rather, will complement it.  Most acne products on the market are catering to a crowd who is yet to see sagging skin or a fine line.  Those products are designed just to kill bacteria and can be so over drying and harsh for skin that needs to protect its barrier.

Exfoliation is key to product penetration.  All the Alpha Hydrox products have some type of AHA in them which is the best possible delivery system for a product to be fully absorbed and all the ingredients used to their full potential.

This post concludes my American Beauty:  Anti Aging Series.  It is my hope that I shared some tips and tricks to help you feel and look like your best possible you throughout the course of the series.  Please share your comments below and let me know if I missed anything you could use some answers to.

[Disclosure: USA Love List received this product unconditionally for review purposes. Our opinions are always our own, and we aim to write fair and balanced reviews to promote only the very best of American-made products.]