It's Monday, the start of a new week, at the beginning of a new season. Clearly, you are here because you want to buy American when you can. I love it. Me too. Can I add something to your to-do list?

To-Do: Buy American and ask your favorite stores to help you.

Just imagine what would happen if we all did it… if we asked retailers to help us choose American-made products. I'm not suggesting that you march into your nearest big box store and demand that they carry only American made goods.  I'm not that kind of person. I don't think you are either. And besides, it won't work. But at the same time, it doesn't hurt to approach the store manager at retailers large and small to ask them what they carry that is made in the U.S.  It would go something like this:

You: Excuse me, I have a question for the manager.

Them: Hi, I'm the manager, how can I help you?

You: I've been trying to buy more American made products lately. Can you tell me some of the items in your store that are US made? I'd like to buy them when I can and recommend them to my friends.

Easy enough… you just sent a clear message to the manager of the store (or website – this is even easier by email).

Best case scenario: you and the store manager find some American made products that you didn't know about before. An also excellent scenario: store manager reports back that “people are asking for goods made in the USA.”  This is how change begins… with you.

Some of our favorite sources

There are some sources online that do a better job than most at carrying and labeling American Made products. Always check our latesttips and specialized search links in our own USA Love List Made in USA Shopping District. Here are some of our favorites:

Nordstom is an excellent source for finding Made in USA products.
Click here to find over 10,000 items marked Made in USA then use the menu on the right side to refine your search.

Zappos can be an excellent place to search for American Made products.
Check the descriptions very carefully, but if you use this link to start your Zappos search, you can find some real American made treasures from Made in USA brands we've come to love.

Hayneedle carries a good number of Made in USA items for the home.
Hayneedle carries a good number of unexpected Made in USA items for the home. Click this link to find them and then use the categories on the left side to find what you need.

Do you have a favorite go-to source for searching for American Made? Let us know in the comments below.

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