You might be surprised to find that some of our favorite Love List items can be easily be purchased at Walmart… yes, you heard that right… Made in USA at Walmart! But it helps if you know what to look for.

“If we can create great local jobs, we’re going to have better stores and better, stronger communities… We want everybody who has anything to do with Walmart – whether they’re a customer or an associate or a supplier of ours – to benefit.”

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon

Walmart has launched a major effort in the revitalization of USA based manufacturing by committing an additional $350 billion to products made, grown, or assembled in America. This 10 year commitment has the potential to support 750,000 jobs.

Know what to look for

We often share tips and resources to make it easier to shop for American made brands.  It only takes a little conscious effort.  It is often assumed that finding made in USA brands will be tough in a big box store.  Sometimes it is challenging, but with large scale efforts like Walmart's, it is becoming easier.

We put together a list of some of our top picks for everyday American made items available at Walmart. Did we miss a made in USA brand that you see a lot of Walmart? Let us know in the comments before and we can add them to our list.

American Made Brands Available at Walmart

It's easier to commit to buying more American made products once you know to look for some of these widely recognized brands that are made in the USA, easily accessible, and affordable.


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